OrangeHRM Testimonials

"OrangeHRM has been a terrific system for our company as it is very user friendly and intuitive. Employees can be trained on how to use the system within 30 minutes which saves time not only for the end-user, but the trainer as well. The admin team at Orange HRM is very responsive which makes the customer experience a great one."

Daniel Copeland,
Senior Manager, Human Resources.
Community Trust.

"Intuitive, simple to use and effective for managing the "people basics" of the organisation. The OrangeHRM support team is responsive and helpful if I need help. I didn't want a system whereby I felt like I had to be a programmer to maintain my people processes - OrangeHRM Live makes life simple. The Leave and Recruitment modules are particularly appreciated."

Pete Needham ,
HR Manager ,
End to End Networks


"OrangeHRM has been our HR System for many years, and it helps us a lot to keep a safe and easy-to-access database of employees, with the Personal Information Management (PIM) feature. Also, the timetracking feature provides us an accurate control of the projects expenses, since our main expense is our employees' worked hours.".

"O OrangeHRM tem sido o nosso Sistema de RH há muitos anos, e nos ajuda bastante a manter um banco de dados de colaboradores seguro e fácil de acessar, por meio do recurso de Gerenciamento de Informações Pessoais (PIM). Além disso, o recurso de apontamento de horas nos proporciona um controle preciso dos custos com os projetos, visto que nosso principal custo são as horas trabalhadas pelos nossos colaboradores"

Pablo Mourente,
Gerente Comercial,
Recursos Humanos e Jurídico

"We are currently using the OrangeHRM PIM and Leave Module. We use the Leave List mostly because we can upload employee's leave details to the system.The top most advantage that we found with OrangeHRM is we can do our HR task quicker and the OrangeHRM system gives us a more accurate data in terms of Leave and PIM, compared to the system we used before.It is the employee self service and online application which are the most interesting. This is the main difference with the previous system which was completely manual."

Joanna Back ,
Velogic Ltd ,

OrangeHRM HR Solution is user-friendly and has helped us cut down on the manual work that we use to practice. For example, leave application. The top most advantages is the easy retrieval of information.

Ierna Sa'aban,
Human Resource Manager,
Pure Commerce Australian Financial Services,

" We are currently using the OrangeHRM Personal Information Management (PIM) and Notifications and these features allow us to archive and upload our documents related to visa and passports especially in a country like UAE where these type of documents are very critical. We need these types of documents archived and easy to access rather than going to third party program and looking for them.With OrangeHRM, we can keep all these documents in one program and we can get notifications when any documents expire and renew them without any delay."

Wajira Somaratne,
Logistics International SAL,
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

"Our creative agency has been looking for a highly professional open source solution for our HRM requirements and we came across the Orange HRM, which was just the package we've been looking for to supply our professional HR team with tools they need. Its ease of use and functionality reaches our expectations and shows creativity in design and solutions in similar way as we do projects for our clients. OrangeHRM is a great solution for any human resources department and I can surely recommend it to any kind of business."

Michal Kubacki,
General Manager,
Jet Creative Ltd,
United Kingdom.

OrangeHRM is a project we're taking very seriously as it's a very exciting and important change for us to move to this system. I can see that OrangeHRM takes their work in transitioning clients as seriously as we are taking in making the transition to your application. As mentioned, we'd considered ADP and a few other applications in an evaluation process and thanks to your good work and patience and in the apparent friendly user interface and customizeability of your system, the decision became very easy to make the change.

Maria Glezos,
Director of HR, Benefits & Administration,
North America,

"This past semester, I utilized the Orange HRM Information System as a practicum assignment in my class, Application of Technology In Human Resources. I would first of all point out that this class of some thirty undergraduate students was diverse in several ways: age, ethic background, citizenship ,education and technology know-how. No one had difficulty entering, storing and retrieving data. To my surprise, it took little time to enter their personal data indicating that in real time, this is not a time consuming activity. Needles to say, this was a different type of learning experience for my students, but more importantly, it demonstrated to them the value of an information system in general and the capability of the Orange HRM product specifically.

Harvey D. Brookins,
Special :Lecturer,
Oakland University,
Rochester Michigan.

"As part of our long term strategy to combine the impressive capabilities of open source with a fresh, cost-effective approach to IT, Johnny Rockets immediately recognized the unique possibilities that OrangeHRM offers: A modern HRIS system based on open standards, providing extensibility, maintainability and the ability to truly recognize a significant ROI. This has afforded us the capability to integrate Human Resource Management easily into our existing infrastructure, leveraging many other previous efforts to streamline our business processes, and maximize employee efficiency; all while not giving up any expected modern HRIS features."

Paul Nishiyama,
Vice President,
Information Technologies,
Johnny Rockets,

"HBE's use of OrangeHRM allows staff to record how much time has been spent on each job and task. After management approval, this information is loaded into our financial and payroll systems.It has greatly simplified the data entry portion of our payroll processing.Education and certification information is also stored in OrangeHRM. The system allows the company to have one source of information to query when responding to proposals and bid requests.OrangeHRM is also being interfaced with our SugarCRM and job ticketing system to further improve our time reporting process.Our overall HR and time related reporting accuracy has been greatly improved with our use of the system. "

Christopher Peckham,
Chief Information Officer / Chief Security Officer,
Henry Bros Electronics,

"We chose OrangeHRM as a means to engage our employees in the aspects of Human Resource activities such as time, leave and performance management. The self-service aspect of the application has helped management directly handle employee requests, streamline our recruitment process and integrates with our website. We particularly like the hosted model as OrangeHRM staff are very customer centric ."

Alan Chappell,
Chief Operating Officer

"When I contacted the folks at OrangeHRM a few months ago, I didn't know quite what to expect. The prospect of using a functional HRIS for a capstone HR class at the undergraduate level seems to make perfect sense, but how would they react? To say that OrangeHRM has been anything less than helpful would be an understatement. They have assisted me in getting ready for the 2011 fall semester, and our students are poised to reap the benefits of their generosity.

With modules that include leave management, recruitment, performance management, and benefits tracking (to name just a few of the available modules in the OrangeHRM Live product), our students will learn concepts and practical applications in a real-world product that they just wouldn't have access to anywhere else.

I am very much looking forward to the full use of this product in the coming months, and will report out (via email, blog, or tweet) the regular progress of this endeavor. Many thanks to the folks at OrangeHRM for their assistance in getting ready a mock database of 400+ employee records. Let the course begin!"

Mike Guglielmo,
Participatory Faculty,
Temple University,

"At the University at Albany we have an MBA concentration in Human Resource Information Systems. Crucial to the program is the ability for our students to gain hands on experience with a fully functional HRIS. The challenge has been gaining access to such a system in a cost effective manner. We recently decided to use OrangeHRM in our program and we have not been disappointed. From a visit by their CEO who discussed the history and goals of Orange HRM to their willingness to provide online training to students, OrangeHRM has given us access to not only the software, but also to the ideas and motivations behind its design. Students find the interface intuitive and easy to use. This means that I can spend more time teaching the students about the broader data design and capture issues facing HR as they design and implement an HRIS and less time teaching the students to use the software."

Richard Johnson,
Associate Professor,
University at Albany,

"Inhouse Techies have recommended OrangeHRM to our clients for their HRIS needs. The open source version is ideal for SME's while more advanced features can be added in the form of add-ons. The implementation was very fast and easy, while efficient support services ensured mitigation of any technical barriers encountered. The application has helped us a great deal in maintaining a comprehensive employee database and managing expiration dates related to various memberships and licenses of our client and its employees. The system is easy to use and we would recommend OrangeHRM for any business industries. "

Michael C. Brown,
Senior Network Consultant,
InHouse Techies,

"The thing that has been most beneficial to us is the ability to customize the system to meet our needs. The OrangeHRM customization team has done great work in developing additional modules that fit our demands. "

Brian Stephens,
Director of Operations,
Josiah Venture,

"OrangeHRM is many things to many people all of it good. An impressively priced alternative to standard and expensive HRMS usually developed by payroll companies."

Brandon Wagman,
Chief Executive Officer,
Rainbow Serenity,

"OrangeHRM's support team has an excellent sense of identifying their client's expectations. "

Bryan Trinque,
Director of Information Technology,
MIS Training Institute,

"The main advantages that we found in OrangeHRM is the easy managing of holiday, employee absences and the ability for ESS- Employee to enter their information and taking that personal information into a shared area.

I would say that the OrangeHRM Employee Self Service (ESS) and the holiday features is one the best from our experience. "

Niki Dinsey,
TIO Support,
Turn It On,
United Kingdom.

"da Vinci marketing was looking for a simple HR online portal that would provide "Self service" for our employees for tracking leave and time on projects OrangeHRM has proven to be simple, reliable and easy to use for both management and staff. Our company spans two geographies-UAE and Australia and so we've needed the flexibility to tailor each regional team to different working days and public holidays. This was a small customization we requested which OrangeHRM delivered on quickly and cost effectively. I have found the support from the OrangeHRM team to be highly responsive and personal and have no hesitation in recommending their solution."

Susie Macmillan,
Managing Director - Gulf Region ,
da Vinci Marketing,

We chose OrangeHRM as it is a very user friendly HRM system that is highly customisable to suit our needs.

Mark Streeter,
Principal of Streeterlaw,

"Until 2009, the Human Resource Office of the University of Belize had relied solely on human memory and hands to deal with their day to day activities and the office. When OrangeHRM was introduced to us it was such a relief. So many manual things were eased and the speed of delivering tasks was amazing. Reports are generated in minutes, leave updates can be given via email in seconds and even our contracts and job letters can be accurately prepared using the system. The system has moved our HR Office from being a manually based office to a Technologically Advanced Office.

What is more amazing is that all this has been done electronically. At one single instance there was a face to face training but besides that all other trainings were done online: over the phone or over chatting, emailing, etc. Training classes has helped me so much that I think I would be lost if it wasn't for the trainings. I am very grateful for the patience and the time your team has had to walk me through all the aspects of OrangeHRM and training me to be an expert in the system. At the University I am the only one who has been fully trained and who knows almost every single aspect of our system. With the training I have received from your team I can train others here and we have planned to have a more in dept training where all HR staff members will be able to use the system fully.

I would like to encourage you to continue online trainings as it helps tremendously. Keep up the high quality of work and the patience to deal with so many questions and queries from us.".

Dora Najarro,
Human Resource Department,
University of Belize,
Belmopan Central Campus,

"The training was very helpful and insight for us. We had not really engaged with the system in depth, thus the training provided us with the know how and valuable information on how best to utilize the system. The trainer was also very good, he used a good pace that we could be on level with and took time to explain the modules in a thorough manner. He also made use of practical examples so we could engage with the system and have a practical feel of utilizing the system. The trainer also provided us with useful contacts in case we need help when we are now using the system in a production environment."

George Murewa,
South Africa.

"In a company comprised of a lot of employees, human resource management has always been an issue but thanks to OrangeHRM, managing the employee's leave application as well as other human resource concerns has never been so easy. Our HR Staff finds OrangeHRM easy to use and for us who maintains the software, simple to understand and can easily be modified to our liking. We've been using OrangeHRM for the past 4 years now and will still continue to do so in the next coming years."

Adrian Aringo,
IT Manager,
Giken Sakata (S) Limited,

"OrangeHRM has helped Bia Bora Distributors Ltd. move from a manual system of managing its Human Resource. With OrangeHRM, we are able to get information about our employees simply by the click of a button.My employers have been very happy about it and that has even earned me a pay rise.Working with OrangeHRM has been really helpful."

George Gatheca,
ICT Officer,
Bia Bora Distributors Ltd,

"Proactive Personnel have utilized OrangeHRM to provide a tailor made HRM solution that can be used across multiple clients. We found all of the staff to be professional and very responsive and delivered the overall project on time. I have already recommend OrangeHRM to a number of other business and will continue to do so."

Dave Antrobus,
National Sales Manager, Proactive Personnel,
United Kingdom.

"OrangeHRM es una excelente herramienta para el desarrollo de Pymes en Latinoamerica, pues nos permite gestionar los procesos de recursos humanos con mayor calidad, para generar un impacto de mayor valor agregado en el negocio.

OrangeHRM is an amazing tool for the development of SMBs in Latin America, since it makes possible to have high quality human resources management, in order to provide greater value added to the business."

Sol Echeverria,
Socia-Directora General,
Factor Humano,
Costa Rica.

"What I see as one the biggest advantages of the OrangeHRM is the elimination of wastage of both time and paper. In our organisation, when an employee wants to request for leave, they would have to fill out a leave form which needs to be signed by the head of the employees department or their immediate Supervisor and the Human Resource Manager. In the event that one of these people are not in the office, the whole process is delayed. The advantage therefore with the OrangeHRM is that the employee's supervisor or head of department or the Human Resource Manager does not have to be in the office to approve this request. So in short, it will eliminate time wastage and unnecessary paper work."

Kevin Owor,
Spear Motors,

"We are using the OrangeHRM program and we love the program. We store all our employees' records in there and we use all the standard modules that came with it. The advantage that we found with OrangeHRM is the fact that its live, in the sense that no matter where we are we have access to the program as long as we have internet connection and that's the biggest thing and we love that feature.For the moment, I'm the only admin that has access to the system and I love that it keeps track of everything on a person, I love the fact that you can add attachments and you can do anything with the system for the most part".

Bill Perry,
Bill Perry Associates