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Customization FAQ

  1. How to request for customizations?

    • Send a request to customizations@orangehrm.com or fill the form in our web-site. Your e-mail should contain the following details:
    • Company Name
    • Industry you operate in
    • Country your company is based in
    • Your Title
    • Set of Requirements

  2. How do we quote the price?

    • First, we estimate the development effort using the Wideband Delphi Estimation Technique. This involves getting number of developers and estimate the work separately and finally come to a concluded result. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wideband_delphi
    • Second, based on the effort estimated in the previous step, we estimate the price for the complete customization. This will include the specification (requirement elicitation), development, QA testing and installation help.
      Note: Price depends on the clarity of the requirements given. So if you send the requirements, please have them clear and detailed. Going through the current application would be an advantage since you will know what features are already included and what changes are required in the product.

  3. On which version of the Open Source product will the customization be based?

    • Customization will be started on the current stable version of the open product. This means all features available in the open product will be included in the customized version with the specific changes.

  4. Can the customized version be upgraded to have new features became available in the Open Source product?

    • We maintain a separate code repository for each and every customization. For customers who purchase the maintenance plan, we provide this service. Providing this would not be possible without cost since merging involves a lot of effort again in Development and QA testing.

  5. Is there any Support included in my Customized Version?

    • OrangeHRM offers you a differentiated Support Plan for those who have a Customized Version of the product. This maintenance plan cover email and phone support, bug fixes and features upgrades for your particular release. For more informations check .
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