System Administration & User Roles

The System Administration module is packed with tools to create data sets, extract reports and create a well-functioning and organized HR environment


Personnel Information Management (PIM)

The PIM is a complete and secure HR Database with advanced reporting capabilities. You can generate reports with ease using a variety of filters and selection criteria.


Leave / Time off Management

This highly flexible module is capable of supporting local and global leave policies and rules to monitor and manage employee time off. Staff can book time off and track them while they go through an automated approval workflow.


Time & Attendance Management

Capture and review attendance and timesheet data to increase efficiency and productivity. You can also connect your biometric devices via an API with this flexible attendance management module.

Recruitment &

A state-of-the-art recruitment module, with applicant tracking, an interview assistant, personality insights and predictive analytics to hire the right candidate and integrates with our on-boarding module for a smooth welcome.


Performance & Training

The Performance module of OrangeHRM Professional simplifies and speeds your performance review process. Create self-scaling job evaluations based on specific key performance indicators. The training module will align your employees performance with the required training efforts in this easy-to-use HR module.

Hear what others have to say.


"Intuitive, simple to use and effective for managing the "people basics" of the organisation. The OrangeHRM support team is responsive and helpful if I need help. I didn't want a system whereby I felt like I had to be a programmer to maintain my people processes - OrangeHRM Live makes life simple."

Pete Needham,
HR Manager,
End to End Networks


"OrangeHRM is a project we're taking very seriously as it's a very exciting and important change for us to move to this system. I can see that OrangeHRM takes their work in transitioning clients as seriously as we are taking in making the transition to your application."

Maria Glezos,
Director of HR, Benefits & Administration,
North America,

"The training was very helpful and insight for us. We had not really engaged with the system in depth, thus the training provided us with the know how and valuable information on how best to utilize the system."

George Murewa,
ICT & Knowledge Management Officer,
South Africa