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Our Happy Customers Around the World
Our creative agency has been looking for a highly professional open source solution for our HRM requirements and we came across the Orange HRM, which was just the package we've been looking for to supply our professional HR team with tools they need... Read more
Michal Kubacki
Jet Creative Ltd
OrangeHRM has helped Bia Bora Distributors Ltd. move from a manual system of managing its Human Resource.With OrangeHRM, we are able to get information about our employees simply by the click of a button... Read more
George Gatheca
GBia Bora Distributors Ltd
In a company comprised of a lot of employees, human resource management has always been an issue but thanks to OrangeHRM, managing the employee's leave application as well as other human resource concerns has never been so easy.... Read more
Adrian Aringo
Giken Sakata (S) Limited
At the University at Albany we have an MBA concentration in Human Resource Information Systems. Crucial to the program is the ability for our students to gain hands on experience with a fully functional HRIS... Read more
Richard Johnson
University at Albany
da Vinci marketing was looking for a simple HR online portal that would provide "Self service" for our employees for tracking leave and time on projects OrangeHRM has proven to be simple, reliable and easy to use for both management and staff... Read more
Susie Macmillan
da Vinci Marketing
Until 2009, the Human Resource Office of the University of Belize had relied solely on human memory and hands to deal with their day to day activities and the office. When OrangeHRM was introduced to us it was such a relief. So many manual things were eased and the speed of delivering tasks was amazing,... Read more
Dora Najarro
University of Belize
When I contacted the folks at OrangeHRM a few months ago, I didn't know quite what to expect. The prospect of using a functional HRIS for a capstone HR class at the undergraduate level seems to make perfect sense, but how would they react?... Read more
Mike Guglielmo
Participatory Faculty
“iLAB has been using OrangeHRM for a number of years in a limited capacity. The training conducted onsite at our offices in Johannesburg, South Africa has enabled our team of Resource Managers, HR administrators and Recruitment Consultants... Read more
Michelle Custers
Manager: Operations
"We chose OrangeHRM as a means to engage our employees in the aspects of Human Resource activities such as time, leave and performance management... Read more
Alan Chappell
Chief Operating Officer
"OrangeHRM is many things to many people; all of it good. An impressively priced alternative to standard -and expensive – HRMS usually developed by payroll companies, OrangeHRM combines ease of use, good service,... Read more
Peter Karahalios
Directeur des ressources humaines et des services administratifs
"OrangeHRM is many things to many people; all of it good. An impressively priced alternative to standard -and expensive – HRMS usually developed by payroll companies, OrangeHRM combines ease of use, good service,..." Read more
George Murewa
"Proactive Personnel have utilized OrangeHRM to provide a tailor made HRM solution that can be used across multiple clients.We found all of the staff to be professional and very responsive and delivered the overall project on time..." Read more
Dave Antrobus
Proactive Personnel
"As part of our long term strategy to combine the impressive capabilities of open source with a fresh, cost-effective approach to IT, Johnny Rockets immediately recognized the unique possibilities that
OrangeHRM offers: A modern HRIS system based on open standards, providing extensibility...
Read more
Paul Nishiyama
Johnny Rockets
"Orange HRM has helped the University of Belize drastically in facilitating work for us. Thanks to Orange HRM there is quick access to information both by employees and administrators... Read more
Hertha Gentle
University Of Belize
"OrangeHRM is an amazing tool for the development of SMBs in Latin America, since it makes possible to have high quality human resources management, in order to provide greater value added to the business... Read more
Sol Echeverria
Factor Humano
factor humano
"Picsel now use OrangeHRM to manage their entire HR platform across the UK, and we will soon be deploying it for international use... Read more
Alistair Ross,
Picsel Technologies
"HBE s use of OrangeHRM allows staff to record how much time has been spent on each job and task. After management approval, this information is loaded into our financial and payroll systems. It has greatly simplified the data entry portion of our payroll processing... Read more
Christopher Peckham
Henry Bros. Electronics
"Prior to using OrangeHRM we used to keep track of our Human Resources data using a LAN
based solution. Since implementing OrangeHRM the information is available within seconds from anywhere in the world, and allows each individual to update their own details, and monitor their annual and medical leave... Read more
Mr. Jay Bradley,