The OrangeHRM Partner Program offers a wealth of benefits to partners who want to provide OrangeHRM support to their customers. Compare the different plans below. To apply for the program, click "Apply Now" button under the desired plan.

OrangeHRM Partner Program Benefits

Annual Fee
Apply now for gold program Apply now for silver program Apply now for bronze program
Quarterly Newsletter
Webinars for potential clients
Hosted Demo Systems
Promotions and Leeds
Certified Partner LogoOrangeHRM Certified Gold PartnerOrangeHRM Certified Silver PartnerOrangeHRM
Certified Bronze Partner
Provide leads generated from the region.
Access to OrangeHRM marketing material
Launch of Joint Press Releases11
Publishing of own case studies 2
2nd Level Technical Support
Technical Support
Estimation Priority
Online Training33
Onsite Training4
Customer Trainings
OrangeHRM Certified Training Partner5
Apply now for gold program Apply now for silver program Apply now for bronze program
1. Cost of Press Release to be shared.
2. Case studies from the partner with relation to OrangeHRM will be published on the OrangeHRM website.
3. A 2-hour product overview for your team will be produced via Webex.
4. Travel and board cost to be paid by the partner.
5. Training partner certification will be produced after two successful joint training sessions are organized in your country.

If you're interested in any other form of partnership or want more details please contact us at:


We expect your company to satisfy these basic requirements to be considered for OrangeHRM's Partner Program:

  • Experience in HRM consulting and implementation
  • Availability of sales and marketing resources
  • Customer references
  • A minimum of one sales and one technical representative

OrangeHRM Partner Program Benefits: Appendix


  • An incident is defined as a single, reproduceable issue displaying specific symptoms where: 1) OrangeHRM agrees the problem is directly related with the operation of the OrangeHRM software and 2) a resolution can be reached using reasonable efforts. A single support incident may involve multiple round trips of contact.
  • Incident - a problem that cannot be broken down into separate subordinate issues. If a problem can be broken down into subordinate issues, each shall be considered a separate incident.
  • Reproduceable - A problem that OrangeHRM can re-create on its own systems.
  • Operation - a problem that is directly related to OrangeHRM software. It does not include the interoperability of OrangeHRM software with any third-party products, nor does it cover sources of input that are initially foreseen to not adhere to the published guidelines or specifications.

A support Incident is not:

  • Custom coding or consulting.
  • A problem directly caused by a software bug, documentation error, or unsupported feature.
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