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  • At one single instance there was a face to face training but besides that all other trainings were done online: over the phone or over chatting, emailing, etc. Training classes has helped me so much that I think I would be lost if it wasn't for the trainings. I am very grateful for the patience and the time your team has had to walk me through all the aspects of OrangeHRM and training me to be an expert in the system.
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    Dora Najarro,
    Human Resource Department,
    University of Belize,
    Belmopan Central Campus,
  • iLAB has been using OrangeHRM for a number of years in a limited capacity. The training conducted onsite at our offices in Johannesburg, South Africa has enabled our team of Resource Managers, HR administrators and Recruitment Consultants to walk out of the training and be able to configure and use OrangeHRM as required by our business.
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    Michelle Custer,
    Manager: Operations,
    South Africa.
  • The training dispensed by OrangeHRM personnel enabled me to qualify selected employees for a support role. In short, we got full HRMS firepower at a fraction of the usual cost.
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    Peter Karahalios,
    Directeur des ressources humaines et des services administratifs,
  • The training was very helpful and insight for us. We had not really engaged with the system in depth, thus the training provided us with the know how and valuable information on how best to utilize the system. The trainer was also very good, he used a good pace that we could be on level with and took time to explain the modules in a thorough manner.
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    George Murewa,
    South Africa.
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On-site Training Online Training Certification
Optimize the Use of OrangeHRM

How long have you been using OrangeHRM? Do you know all its features and capabilities? Here's your chance. The OrangeHRM training program offers extensive training on all of its versions On-Site as well as On-Line. Custom made courses are offered with many other benefits. Training programs will be conducted by the OrangeHRM certified trainers around the world.

What is OrangeHRM On-Site Training?

OrangeHRM On-Site Training sessions are conducted at your location and convenience, catering to a larger group of employees with an extensive range of options and benefits to the users and the organization.

What is OrangeHRM Online Training?

OrangeHRM Online Training sessions are conducted via Cisco's Webex, catering to smaller organizations looking for training on specific modules.

What are the benefits of OrangeHRM Training?

OrangeHRM Training Courses are aimed at HR System Administration Personnel and HR users who wish to become fully certified in OrangeHRM. Our training will enhance your CV and your career prospects!

The benefits of our Training Courses are to increase productivity and to reduce errors thus saving time and money! HR Users will learn the skills necessary to allow them optimize the configuration and the maintenance of the system with ease

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How to be an OrangeHRM Certified Administrator?
Option 1

You can be an OrangeHRM Certified Administrator by completing a complete online training session on all modules and then sit for the examination.

Option 2

You can be an OrangeHRM Certified Administrator by completing on-site training which would last 2-3 days and completing practicals on all modules.

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