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Launched in 2005, Orange HRM is the most popular open source human resource management (HRM) software in the world.

Offering choice, flexibility and affordability, Orange HRM gives you three premier products:

  • OrangeHRM Open Source: Free, feature-rich, intuitive software offering a robust HR environment.
  • OrangeHRM Professional: Small- to medium-sized businesses use this comprehensive HR platform to rapidly build and provide responsive HR services.
  • OrangeHRM Enterprise: Designed to supply seamless governance to multinational companies, OrangeHRM Enterprise saves you time and money – wherever in the world your employees are located.

When you need to rapidly on-board a full-service HR environment, OrangeHRM meets your business and budget requirements. We help you optimize your HR environment with options that include:

  • Cloud or On-Premise hosting
  • Module-based architecture—purchase the features you want
  • Pay-per-employee pricing structure
  • Customization
  • Implementation training and delivery
  • Support services

When you need a superb, scalable HR solution, join the millions of users worldwide who use Orange HRM products. Learn about our solutions and demo our products. Contact our friendly, professional services team with your questions. For high-quality HR support for the best HR software, look to OrangeHRM.

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