OrangeHRM Partner Benefits

OrangeHRM Partner Requirements


We expect your company to satisfy these basic requirements to be considered for OrangeHRM's Partner Program:

  • • Experience in HRM consulting and implementation
  • • Availability of sales and marketing resources
  • • Customer references
  • • A minimum of one sales and one technical representative

Benefits for HRM Partners: Appendix

  • An incident is defined as a single, reproduceable issue displaying specific symptoms where: 1) OrangeHRM agrees the problem is directly related with the operation of the OrangeHRM software and 2) a resolution can be reached using reasonable efforts. A single support incident may involve multiple round trips of contact.
  • Incident - a problem that cannot be broken down into separate subordinate issues. If a problem can be broken down into subordinate issues, each shall be considered a separate incident.
  • Reproduceable - A problem that OrangeHRM can re-create on its own systems.
  • Operation - a problem that is directly related to OrangeHRM software. It does not include the interoperability of OrangeHRM software with any third-party products, nor does it cover sources of input that are initially foreseen to not adhere to the published guidelines or specifications.

A support Incident is not:
  • Custom coding or consulting.
  • A problem directly caused by a software bug, documentation error, or unsupported feature.

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