OrangeHRM Integration Partners

Access Control Management INC - USA

ACM Time Control has over 9 years' experience of reliable time and attendance solutions and devices that are installed in a variety of markets including government agencies, financial services, health care, education, commercial enterprises, industrial, construction, hospitality and the retail industry. We help our customers increase productivity, eliminate revenue leakage and maintain labor compliance

Somroli Systems - USA

Somroli Systems: Cloud/On premise time and attendance solution on LAN/WAN/VPN/3G/4G networks using fingerprint/facial/RFID/Camera/Badge reader time clocks. Supports various attendance rules, shift differentials and lunch rules. Time clocks can work online or offline, automatic synch up of employees across time clocks, 24X7 time clock health monitoring and automatic upgrades. Somroli provides simple plug and play module which enhances Time and Attendance modules in OrangeHRM by fully integrating Somroli's time and attendance solution (with Biometric/RFID time clocks) with OrangeHRM solution providing users with seamless single sign on powerful time and attendance solution within OrangeHRM application.

Identity Automation - USA

Identity Automation is a software and services company that provides solutions for Identity, Data and Access management. Our products are extremely affordable without compromising on capability and functionality. With our software, we can help you fully leverage OrangeHRM to automatically manage accounts and their access in other on-premise our cloud based systems such as Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, or any other system used by your organization.

ProcessMaker - USA

ProcessMaker is an open source workflow management & BPM software solution focused on making things simple. ProcessMaker helps organizations of all sizes to easily design, automate, and deploy approval-based form-driven business processes using an entirely web-based, point-and-click interface. Despite its simplicity, ProcessMaker is a powerful SOA application with a dynamic plug-in architecture and web services API making it easy for developers to extend and modify.

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