How HR Personnel Can Benefit from OrangeHRM’s Recruitment/Applicant Tracking Module By admin

How much time does your organization’s hiring manager or HR manager spend on recruiting the most qualified employee for the available job vacancy at your organization? Does your company’s budget annually allocate thousands of dollars on newspaper advertisements and other media advertisements to publicize immediate job vacancies? Most importantly, does the current hiring process bring the ideal candidate for the job vacancy? The first step of recruiting is to determine your ideal recruiting target. Identifying the common places of qualified prospects & their job acceptance criteria is key. Failure to identify these, results in recruiting less qualified individuals. Having completed the first step of your recruitment process, the next most critical task is to screen applicants. Sorting candidates based on their qualifications precisely is a crucial task carried out by HR Personnel. Missing out one qualified applicant may mean the loss of recruiting efforts for the ultimate goal. Also, within the many applications maybe candidates who are eligible for another job vacancy. Such candidate applications need to be preserved to be picked out when the relevant job vacancy is available. This saves time and effort, consumed on the first few steps of the recruitment process for every new job vacancy. Once the applicants have been shortlisted, the next challenging issue for HR administrators is to schedule interviews and assign hiring managers to all the candidates.

Almost all of these steps in the recruitment process are performed by HR Personnel manually.

OrangeHRM’s Applicant Tracking/ Recruitment module gives a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process from publicizing your company’s job vacancies to hiring employees.

Today, popular social media sites have taken its place in the recruitment process. Through OrangeHRM’s recruitment/applicant tracking module, HR administrators may recruit candidates via popular social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. You may also post job vacancies to an RSS Feed in your website. This not only brings out applicants who are hunting for jobs, but also individuals who have expertise in the relevant job role. Your job vacancies can be posted targeting the desired candidates, thus saving much of the effort put in by HR Personnel on short listing candidates.

The OrangeHRM recruitment/applicant tracking module comes with a candidate/applicant archiving database, enabling HR Personnel to archive applicants who have applied for different job vacancies. Suppose your company is currently recruiting software engineers. Once the appropriate individuals have been hired, the job vacancy will be closed.  But the hundreds of applications received will remain in the system even when recruiting employees for a different job vacancy. Hiring managers will have to painstakingly sort the applications. As a solution, the resume archiving plug-in lets you archive unwanted candidate records, while leaving only the required records in the system. These archived applicants will be stored in the database for future use.

Keyword tagging is another useful tool which can be made use of during the applicant/candidate screening task. This allows HR Personnel to tag keywords in a candidate's record, which adds weight to the resume. The hiring manager can search for all the resumes with the relevant keyword. Moreover, the candidate's resume can be downloaded from the search results itself. OrangeHRM’s resume parsing tool is highly advanced search option which allows data mining, where the user can search for information within an attached resume.

It is important to track the changes made to a candidate’s vital information, thus the candidate history feature gives a detailed view of all the changes made to a particular candidate record within the system.

Bringing recruitment to a new level in HR Management, OrangeHRM introduces Virtual Interviews which allows HR administrators & hiring managers to schedule online video interviews with candidates. The benefits brought to a company through virtual interviews are numerous. Virtual Interviews saves time spent on the hiring process and also reduces cost of hire. Visit OrangeHRM Market Place to learn more about OrangeHRM Add-ons