Language Packs for OrangeHRM 2.7 By admin

OrangeHRM has recently launched its very new OrangeHRM 2.7  that is packed with new exciting features such as date format localization, enable/disable module display and complete language localization. Our community members have contributed language packs for Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bulgarian, Oromo, Spanish, Danish and Thai. OrangeHRM wish to thank Mesfin Hunde for helping us create the Oromo language pack, Titus Permadi our partner in Indonesia for his support in creating the Bahasa Indonesia language pack,  Svetoslav Stefanov for their warm assistance in creating the Bulgarian language pack, Qi Feng for their guidance in creating the Chinese language pack, Fabian Perez for making the Spanish language pack(Argentina)  possible, Omar Rodriguez and Daniel Varela for their cooperation and teamwork in creating the Spanish pack(Spain) and last but not the least we wish to thank  VHC Advance our partner in Thailand in creating the Thai language pack. We invite members from other countries to join our community and create language packs to help us localise OrangeHRM. Download Language Packs For 2.7 Register to create a language pack