OrangeHRM 2.7 Release Candidate for Beta Testing By admin

The release candidate for OrangeHRM 2.7 is now available. The release has all the following features added:
  • Option to turn modules on and off
This feature enables you to hide modules that are not being used, eliminating any confusion caused among the employees with modules that are not being used.
  • Supports complete localization
The complete application can be translated into different languages. This feature is enabled via a new tool where users can create a language pack. Register here today.
  • Select your preferred or local date format
You can now set the dates to appear in your preferred or local date format, which creates a localized environment within the system.
  • Tweaks to the leave module
A set of minor adjustments were made to the leave module including a way to check your leave balance for a particular leave type from the apply screen. The release has been thoroughly tested by our QA team and a few minor tweaks are being made before the release is marked stable, however feedback from the community has been vital for us to perfect our releases. Throughout the past few years users have provided feedback via various ways, but we have now implemented a systematic way for community members to register as Beta Testers. We have a few value additions for the contributions made by community members. Please register as an OrangeHRM Beta Tester and help us deliver a better HRIS.