OrangeHRM 2.7 Stable Release with Complete Localization By admin

OrangeHRM 2.7 Stable Release was released today. This major release features complete localization and other enhancements. This release features: The option to turn on/off modules This feature was implemented to hide modules which are not being used, avoiding any confusion for users. Complete localization Our community members have helped us to create the language packs. Language packs are now available for Chinese, Indonesian and Oromo. Language packs for other languages will be available soon, upon completion of the translations. Register to translate OrangeHRM to you local language Set up preferred/local date format Create a localized environment in your HR system with local date formats. The benefits module has been deprecated as it comprises US specific features. The benefits module will be re-launched in a future release, with features that cater to the global user base. Security Fixes High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab from Switzerland tested the 2.7 RC and reported some issues, that have been fixed on this release. We appreciate their efforts to make 2.7 a secure release.