20th March 2019
Leave Management
Leave Management Min

These situations are quite common if you have not organised proper leave documentation through a Leave management Software.


19th October 2017
The importance of communication and real-time feedback in the workplace

I recently read an article on LinkedIn regarding emoji’s in the workplace for communication. It made me think about how we communicate with our coll...

15th May 2012
Language Packs for OrangeHRM 2.7
OrangeHRM has recently launched its very new OrangeHRM 2.7  that is packed with new exciting features such as date format localization, enable/disabl...
17th February 2012
OrangeHRM Launches Localizit – See OrangeHRM in Your Language
OrangeHRM’s global community has spread rapidly, thus the emphasis on a multilingual HRM system has grown ever since.  We are thankful to our activ...
13th June 2011
OrangeHRM 2.6.5: It’s Here!
It's one thing to build a robust HR software, but it's a totally different thing to make it usable and help users get the most out of it. OrangeHRM...
16th November 2010
OrangeHRM Live - Reshaping the Human Resource Function with Web–based SaaS HR System
The emergence of HR portals and self-service technologies has created a major new opportunity for the HR function. Paper-based, "central-office"...
8th November 2010
On-Demand / SaaS HR System - OrangeHRM Live
What is SaaS? Software as a service, sometimes referred to as "software on demand," is software that is deployed over the internet and/or is deplo...
21st October 2010
OrangeHRM Live - Oktoberfest Special
Since the successful launch of OrangeHRM Live we have many companies using OrangeHRM Live to over come their HRIS needs without having to worry about ...
14th July 2010
OrangeHRM Live – Web-Based HR Management

Web-Based Software is a software you use over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry ab...

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