25th March 2019
Why did you hire them in the first place?
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No trust to work flexibly between employer and employee means that your own employees accountability and confidentiality cannot be trusted either.

26th April 2017
Why creating a successful pathway is important for your organizations success
Employees in every organization should sit at the centre. They are the ones that design, market and sell your business. They are the faces that your c...
19th January 2016
Should Computers Take Over Your Hiring Cycle?
As apps and SaaS offer greater service in the recruiting arena, is it time for humans to get out of the game? A recent study from the National Bure...
9th September 2015
OHRMCon: Future Challenges for Leadership and HR
Future vision is essential to address todays’ rapidly changing world.  For this series, we have had the opportunity to speak at length with Lee Con...
22nd July 2015
OHRMCon: Lee Congdon on the Changing Role of IT Organizations
In October, OrangeHRM invites you to OHRMCon in New York City. At the conference, you’ll have access to the voices, vision, and best practices t...
14th July 2015
Talent Analytics—What Do they Mean to You?
As the competition for talent heats up, HR managers are looking for more sophisticated tools to help them hire the right people—and retain them....
3rd July 2015
Four Highlights of Open Source 3.3.1
Open Source by OrangeHRM is a leading, full-featured HR environment—and it is free. Open Source Version 3.3.1 is the second Open Source release ...
3rd July 2015
Sneak Peek: Applicant Tracking System from OrangeHRM
Across industry and enterprise, applicant tracking systems (ATS) help hiring managers and recruiters attract, manage, and hire desirable talent. To st...
26th February 2015
Recruitment - How Applicant Tracking Systems can Improve Candidate Interaction
Applicant tracking systems (ATS) bring a lot of benefits with them as a recruitment tool. The most popular benefit of an ATS is that of improving ...
25th February 2015
Recruiting via LinkedIn - How ATS systems have Integrated with LinkedIn
Companies across the globe are taking advantage of LinkedIn and all it has to offer when it comes to recruiting talent. One such way companies use...
28th November 2013
OrangeHRM Secured
OrangeHRM continuously keeps on updating its products in order to provide the best solution to customers and also to make sure that the system is secu...
28th November 2013
OrangeHRM now available in Chinese, French & German
OrangeHRM has been translated to many languages during the past few years; however most of the other OrangeHRM add-ons didn’t have translations for ...
31st May 2012
How HR Personnel Can Benefit from OrangeHRM’s Recruitment/Applicant Tracking Module
How much time does your organization’s hiring manager or HR manager spend on recruiting the most qualified employee for the available job vacancy at...
16th April 2012
The Importance of an HRMS to Any Company
Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) is an important tool for any company, whatever its size. Think, first, what you company needs to do just ...
16th December 2010
New Features in OrangeHRM 2.6.1 Core
Over the past few years, we’ve seen the community grow and member contributions have driven OrangeHRM to become the "World's Most Popular Human Reso...
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