12th November 2018
Employee Wizard - Custom Fields and More Info
wizard 2

This exciting feature has been reintroduced with more flexibility to allow all PIM related information and custom...

12th November 2018
Configuring Leave Calendar View

Configure what the employee should see in the leave calendar. Set up the calendar to show the data of the same location, department, country, supervisor or the entire organization...

19th January 2018
The importance of time management
time management

“It’s only a 5-minute job”. A sentence many have heard time and time again from either a client, or even internally from a colleague.  The ...

9th January 2018
How to stay motivated in 2018
stay motivated

The new year is already moving pretty fast, and many of us will have already thought of how we want to improve this year. But how do you stay motivate...

7th June 2017
OrangeHRM Announces the release of Open Source 4.0
We are excited to announce the new version of OrangeHRM Open Source 4.0 is now available and is ready to be used for production. One of the main high...
15th May 2015
October 2015: OHRM Con in New York!
In October 2015, OrangeHRM brings OHRM Con to New York City. At the world’s first open source human resources software conference, you can netwo...
13th August 2014
Benefits of HRMS on the Cloud
Is your organization in the cloud yet? What we are referring to here is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the way millio...
4th August 2014
360 Degree Performance Evaluation – Guidelines for Success

When an organization is staffed with highly engaged employees, it’s a fact that the team becomes more productive. This increases overall reven...

22nd April 2014
OrangeHRM NOT Vulnerable to Heartbleed
As you may know the heartbleed vulnerability has been a major concern during the past week. We are please to inform you that we and our service prov...
28th November 2013
OrangeHRM Secured
OrangeHRM continuously keeps on updating its products in order to provide the best solution to customers and also to make sure that the system is secu...
28th November 2013
OrangeHRM now available in Chinese, French & German
OrangeHRM has been translated to many languages during the past few years; however most of the other OrangeHRM add-ons didn’t have translations for ...
31st October 2013
OrangeHRM @ xTuple Annual Conference 2013

ERP systems aren’t complete with an HRM component in it. HR being a vast domain on its own, ERP software companies aren’t really able to pioneer t...

14th February 2012
Web-Based Expense Tracker for Android, iPhones all other Mobiles with Web Browsers

The significance of monitoring expenses in your organization is to manage cash flow and to save on unwanted expenses that will keep your company away ...

5th August 2011
Be a Certified OrangeHRM Administrator
We have laid the foundation for users to becoming a trusted and valuable resource for OrangeHRM users around the world. The program started in the...
7th April 2011
Another Step Towards Usability – OrangeHRM 2.6.3 Released
2011 has been a key year for OrangeHRM in terms of enhancing the system by identifying and improving the usability of the system. OrangeHRM is feature...
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