Web-Based Expense Tracker for Android, iPhones all other Mobiles with Web Browsers By admin

The significance of monitoring expenses in your organization is to manage cash flow and to save on unwanted expenses that will keep your company away from the golden word, “profit”. Office supplies, business meals, travel & tour expenses are only a very few burdens laid on the organization. The ability to access OrangeHRM expense tracker on mobile phones makes it a real-time application that ensures accuracy and saves time.The challenging task is to keep close track of how your employees make use of the allocated budget for every project. OrangeHRM’s web-based expense tracker is an elegantly & precisely designed application that takes off the administrator’s burden of tracking employee expenses. Simply view all the project expenses through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. This system facilitates different user roles, thus allowing administrators, supervisors & ESS Users to perform the tasks which are applicable to each user. The web-based expense tracker lets administrators monitor all project expenses, while expense managers may keep track of the employee’s expenses on projects that they have been assigned to. Employees in turn may submit their expenses on projects. The employee & expense managers will be notified instantly via e-mail notifications when an expense has been submitted, approved or rejected. The module can also be accessed via any browser through the OrangeHRM application as shown below.

The expense tracker cannot be used as standalone application; the expense module populates the users from the OrangeHRM system. Visit OrangeHRM Market Place for the Expense Tracker Application