At OrangeHRM Inc. we believe that

"Through focused development and by creating an active Open Source community of both HR and IT professionals, OrangeHRM will be continuously improved and evolved into an outstanding product which can be further customized to fit the exact requirements of the user. "

Collaboration with intelligent, diverse and open minded community helps us in getting valuable feedback on needs and demands of their businesses/organizations and requirements and suggestions that would help in future developments of OrangeHRM. The shared information and knowledge are highly valued by our flexible team, who work hard to enhance the system in response to the inputs from the community.

OrangeHRM community is empowered by following facilities:

  • Inbuilt bug tracker. Enables community to report bugs easily, directly from the software module.
  • This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it : We try to ensure that the replies on our users' inquiries are fast and detailed.
  • OrangHRM Support Chat: The online support for the users, who have questions on product installation.
  • OrangeHRM Forums: The forum makes it easy for the users to share information and to receive help not only from the OrangeHRM team, but from the whole community.
  • OrangeHRM Wiki: OrangeHRM Wiki provides users with the comprehensive information on the product and has a section to define the features in future releases of OrangeHRM.
  • OrangeHRM Blog: The news from the OrangeHRM team can be found in the product blog.
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Why OrangeHRM?


picsel use orangehrm

  Alistair Ross
Global IT Manager, Picsel Technologies

Picsel now use OrangeHRM to manage their entire HR platform across the UK, and we will soon be deploying it for international use. Our initial trials proved that OrangeHRM was a fantastic way to have a commercially viable HR Management platform from an Open Source model. Picsel pay OrangeHRM for support and OrangeHRM have always rise to the challenge when we have an issue or require an add-on to suit the way we do business. The OrangeHRM product has gone from strength to strength in an incredibly short amount of time and I am always excited to see what is coming up in the future.

HBE use orangehrm

Christopher Peckham-Chief information officer
Christopher Peckham
Chief Information Officer / Chief Security Officer
Henry Bros. Electronics

HBE s use of OrangeHRM allows staff to record how much time has been spent on each job and task. After management approval, this information is loaded into our financial and payroll systems. It has greatly simplified the data entry portion of our payroll processing. Education and certification information is also stored in OrangeHRM. The system allows the company to have one source of information to query when responding to proposals and bid requests. OrangeHRM is also being interfaced with our SugarCRM and job ticketing system to further improve our time reporting process. Our overall HR and time related reporting accuracy has been greatly improved with our use of the system.


Factor Humano use orangehrm

Sol Echeverria -Socia-Directora General

Sol Echeverria Socia-Directora General
Factor Humano
Costa Rica

OrangeHRM es una excelente herramienta para el desarrollo de Pymes en Latinoamerica, pues nos permite gestionar los procesos de recursos humanos con mayor calidad, para generar un impacto de mayor valor agregado en el negocio

OrangeHRM is an amazing tool for the development of SMBs in Latin America, since it makes possible to have high quality human resources management, in order to provide greater value added to the business.

UB use orangehrm

Hertha Gentle - HR Director
Hertha Gentle
HR Director
University Of Belize, Belize

Orange HRM has helped the University of Belize drastically in facilitating work for us. Thanks to Orange HRM there is quick access to information both by employees and administrators. It facilitates the process of calculating leave for employees. It has helped also in the coherent and accurate process of vacancies and recruiting employees. The generation of reports is a wonderful job being done as there is no need for manual generation of reports. In general Orange HRM has helped the University amazingly and is continuing to help us.

Johnny Rockets use Orangehrm

Paul Mishiyama - Vice President
Paul Mishiyama
Vice President
Information Technologies
Johnny Rockets,USA

As part of our long term strategy to combine the impressive capabilities of open source with a fresh, cost-effective approach to IT, Johnny Rockets immediately recognized the unique possibilities that OrangeHRM offers: A modern HRIS system based on open standards, providing extensibility, maintainability and the ability to truly recognize a significant ROI. This has afforded us the capability to integrate Human Resource Management easily into our existing infrastructure, leveraging many other previous efforts to streamline our business processes, and maximize employee efficiency; all while not giving up any expected modern HRIS features.

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