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5 Ways to Choose the Best HRM for Your Organization

By Jun 3, 2014

Your people are the most important asset, therefore it only makes sense that your organization will want to choose the best human resource management (HRM) system. But with so many choices and options out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint what features your business needs to succeed. A good HRM will give the human capital management team information and metrics needed at a glance in order to make better business decisions.

Selecting an HRM comes down to understanding the key factors and benefits that will provide the most value to your company HR functions. Here are five ways to evaluate a new HRM product so that the business gets a solid return on investment from day one.

#1 – Simple to Use Dashboard

Any HRM worth the effort will have a central dashboard that features critical human resource management information immediately upon login. This can be configured to meet the needs of the administrator who is using the HRM. Meaningful lists, charts, and links to the areas that deal with employee records, time and attendance, leave requests, recruitment and training, and more should be displayed within an intuitive framework.

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#2 – Ease of Reporting

Human resource personnel are often tasked with reporting on important employment related issues. This means they will have to be able to pull a variety of reports on everything from recruitment to terminations. An easy reporting system that allows users to import and export information in common document formats is a key factor to look for in the best HRM.

#3 – Ongoing Product Updates

Just as human resources changes continually, so too should an HRM be maintained with the latest updates to employment related processes. Look for an HRM software that has frequent updates and improvements. These are the signs of a software company that listens to what its clients want and need on a regular basis, plus has a skilled development team to keep things running smoothly.

#4 – Live Knowledgeable Support

If there is ever a product issue, the one factor you will need the most is live technical support from a knowledgeable team. There is nothing more frustrating for an HR department than not having access to an HRM that stores employee data due to a software or web error. Before selecting your HRM solution, pick up the phone and ask support related questions to evaluate how responsive a company is.

#5 – Try Before You Buy

Because of all the features that an HRM has, it can be an expensive purchase for any company. However, a good HRM provider will offer an Open Source option that you can try before you buy any customization. While there are free trials of some products, you can get locked into costly features you do not want to use in the future.

As you start researching HRM systems for the business, why not get in touch with OrangeHRM to find out about our Open Source, Enterprise and Professional options?