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Are you already imposing serious risks on your data security?

By Zanfer Nov 2, 2020

What does Single Sign-On mean?

Emails, CRM, HR Systems, Online portals, Knowledgebase, and the list goes on. How many of such applications and services do your employees access on a daily basis? When you’re a HR professional, you could be using multiple systems to manage your employee base. In an organization level, many teams and departments use various applications and systems in the day to day operations. 

As operations expand and grow, the usage of many applications increase. This often means employees must maintain and remember multiple passwords for each and every application. In regards to this matter, many stick to reusing the same old passwords, or even sharing with others which can impose serious risks on data security and result in hefty fines. 

Single sign-on (SSO) is one Supportive Solution for Business Application Identity management, which enables a user to sign in one time, to gain access to several different systems and platforms. SSO has become very common every day, that we use Google or Facebook to sign in to other applications. We do not require to enter our data or remember multiple passwords to sign in to a new application every time. So far it has been saving most of us a lot of our time and effort.

The Importance and Benefits of SSO

  • SSO plays a crucial role in maintaining data security and improving workforce efficiency. 
  • SSO enables quick and convenient access to all business applications by simply having a single sign in password. It allows employees to login into all other business apps with much ease. 

  • User accounts can be activated and deactivated during onboarding and offboarding. SSO helps to maintain security control over sensitive data that is vital for the GDPR Compliance. 

  • Maintaining a Single Sign-On Support reduces time and effort used by the IT and HR Teams – Gartner estimates that approximately 50% of the calls to IT service desks are related to passwords. 

The HR industry is transforming from paper-based methods to Comprehensive Online Platforms that are more data-oriented. As an HR Professional, the security of your employee data is important. With the knowledge and awareness that full fledged technology  is available to safeguard your people’s privacy, you must be aware that SSO is one of them that helps to protect sensitive data.

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Many business applications and services now have Single Sign-On as a service, SSO Support in HR Systems will empower HR Professionals and Employees to access any other business applications by just signing into the OrangeHRM system. HRIS such as  OrangeHRM provides SSO and integration options for many business applications. 

OrangeHRM offers various Single Sign-On mechanisms:

  • LDAP

  • SAML

  • Google Authentication

  • Open ID 2.0

OrangeHRM Mobile App has also developed SSO support to make a convenient and easy mobile experience. Users can now login to their OrangeHRM system on the Mobile App using Single Sign-on Support (SSO) with Google, Okta, Facebook and Twitter.

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