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How to recruit remotely the right way: A few hiring steps to do it right

By Dasni Apr 9, 2020

Is your organization facing difficulty in finding new hires for job postings? The devastating economic effects of Covid19, are slowing down the corporate industries and businesses are recruiting to prevent slow down.

Remote recruiting was popular even before the global pandemic and now it is increasing than ever. Many corporates around the world conduct their recruitment and onboarding process online. Online job interviews, virtual background screening, video conferencing and online training courses are becoming increasingly popular. Remote recruiting is a vast process and with the right recruitment software, it is a breeze.

The best applicant tracking system such as OrangeHRM helps to attract the right people for the job. OrangeHRM helps Hiring managers to conduct pre-hire assessments, interview workflows, built-in interview assistant and decision support. Reinforcing the reputation as one of the best applicant tracking systems around, the well-designed hiring workflow allows you to quickly identify the best performers and streamline the Remote Recruitment process for optimum results. 

Once a candidate is recruited remotely, how do you perfect the Onboarding process?

  • HR Personnel needs to ensure that he or she is given an introduction to company culture, values and standards, and the team through a video conference. Culture fit is first and foremost, even when working remotely.

  • It is then important that recruiter learns more about the candidate’s interests, goals and focus on getting to know them as a person. The candidate feels valued when they feel what they have to say is important and how they would lead their way when working remotely with the team.

  • Recruiting managers can create online courses and assessments for the candidate to complete as part of their online training. As an administrator, the hiring manager can add the reference material for the candidate to refer to before sitting for the online assessment. These online assessments could be mandatory based on company values and standards they expect the employee to adhere to. Other online-based courses could be related to job performance, mainly for a senior position.

  • The hiring manager can evaluate the candidate’s fit through their ability to adapt to the culture and their scores on the assessment. If the candidate passes the bar raiser of expectations, he or she is a suitable fit for the job.

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As the Initial Onboarding activities are completed, It is now working them through their first days and help them experience what they learned through online training. The supervisor or mentor can add the relevant study courses related to the job or teamwork in OrangeHRM’s Online Training. Courses and assessments can be configured to trigger supervisor when reference materials are viewed by the employee. This process delivers a modern learning experience and a person-centric approach to training your employees. At the end of 2 weeks, your employee should be aware of what his tasks in the team are. This customizable training programs improves their productivity and skills much faster in the initial days than traditional training.

As the employees are grasping the experience and learning, it is time to set the goals and Objective Key Results that help the new employee to contribute to team objectives. This encourages Quick wins and motivates new onboardings to maximize their efforts.

A Senior Tech Lead in OrangeHRM states, “Like the rest of the world, I too am practicing social distancing. But this doesn't prevent me from functioning in my profession as all of my colleagues are working from home. Mentoring a new recruit was uncharted territory for me and COVID-19 challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Interacting with a computer miles away was never a challenge. Armed with OrangeHRM’s modern Recruitment solutions for virtual meetings and offered  the advancements of the internet, I took the problem head-on.”