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Are you listening? They just want to be heard

By Dasni Feb 13, 2019

You have surely heard the saying “Companies that hear their employees, their thoughts and their feedback sees a constant boost in employee engagement and satisfaction over employees that don’t”.

Employees perspectives is a complete fresh different perspective to the contribution of top management ’s ideas and decisions. Millennials in their Contemporary and modern business thinking patterns may have much to contribute to the success of their company yet does not have the potential to reach the top level. This could be due to This opportunity for employees enhances their loyalty and performance at work which contributes to long term company success.

They do not want to be just heard, they want to be acknowledged, and consider these improvements and make changes if their feedback is feasible. It will not only be advantageous to the employee but the company will be able to recognize their own flaws in a different perspective and correct those flaws. 

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Most companies with open working environment difficult to implement this open employee feedback process because of administration problems, difficulties with tracking messages through suggestion boxes or lost emails by several gatekeeping to be passed before it is implemented.

Thereby for that reason, an Open Communication environment in the Office will not be just fulfilling if these practical errors of bulky, time-consuming feedback systems are still existing.  A practical and smart efficient feedback system will have to be implemented if these errors are to minimized.

Have a clear policy on Feedback to Employees and how important it is to the company

Employees will be more prepared to give feedback when they know their thoughts and ideas remain anonymous. Suggestion boxes would be the most common way you would have already heard yet this is quite a time consuming, bulky and inefficient.

You can arrange a feedback meeting with your team, where the trusted team leader can discuss the anonymous suggestions collected from his team colleagues and directly address it to the superior. However for this to take place harmlessly, the employee in charge has to be trustworthy and reliable and not work against his/her team.

Another practical way you can implement Effective feedback is having One to One feedback sessions after a meeting to any employees who like to raise their ideas or point out issues.

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How to Act on Feedback

If the feedback you receive from your employees isn't acted upon, they will stop giving any new suggestions in the near future. You have to list out the areas of improvement needed and prioritize according to the one that needs the most attention and organize the most practical action to be taken.

Also, practically every problem cannot be acted upon as some problem might even be such that are conflicting among 2 employees. As for this reason, time should be spent on the most important issues should be addressed first before moving to others.

This feedback process will optimize your Human Resources effectively increasing employees moral support for company growth!