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Emotional Intelligence

By Dasni Jan 23, 2019

How Can Emotional Intelligence (EI) make you a better Leader?

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. A leader who excels in emotional intelligence possesses a deeper understanding of themselves, their team, and how their thoughts and actions impact success. Leading a team isn’t easy, but it will only be harder if you don’t know the main principles of EI as a leader.

What benefits EI can bring to you, your team and your company as a whole?

  • Self Awareness is the awareness and ability to recognize and understand your personal emotions and motivations which affects others.. This is the base to become a balanced stable leader as your problems which affect you should not have a toll on others. This self-awareness is important so that leader stays calm and collected with respect to his/her employees even on terms of crisis.

  • Self Regulation is something that you will hold yourself accountable to instead of blowing up your staff every single time.
  • Leaders with strong emotional intelligence understand their internal motivations, and how those motivations correlate with those of their team and the organization.  Strong intrinsic motivation is a competitive advantage in almost any business context, and the ability to harness that motivation toward success can't be underestimated.
  • Empathy is the ability to put yourself in other’s situations and understand their feelings and perspective. Your employees may have a lot going on, family or personal issues, and if you do not have an empathizing nature to understand their challenges it could only be more damaging to your relationship with them. If you are not aware of how others might perceive your actions, you are not self-regulated or self-aware either. For this reason, it is a crucial character element that is needed for successful human relationships.
  • Social Skills are just as important to communicate effectively with your employees, resolve conflicts and overcome situations at your workplace. Building Interpersonal relationships and encouraging your team to do the same will be of value so that awkward situations can be straightened out through clear communication.
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Leaders who exhibit all of these traits often find the greatest success. The level of emotional intelligence you're able to cultivate has an extraordinary and immediate impact on the people around you and your organization