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Prepare, motivate and be confident on your next job interview

By Aug 2, 2013

In this current economy it is not only difficult to land employment with a decent paycheck it is also difficult to pass an interview. Many companies have limited positions that are ready to be filled with many applicants applying. If you have made it to a job interview then there was something in your resume that stood out from many of the others that were submitted for the same job. Now you just need to get through the interview process. Most interview processes require two interviews; the initial interview and the follow up interview which is the decision making interview. Here is an interview guideline that will help you prepare, be motivated and be confident during the interview process.

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Calm Yourself – There is nothing worse than offering a sweaty hand when meeting a prospective employer. Prior to walking inside for your interview, take in some deep breaths to relax your body and release any stress. Do not have any coffee or caffeine prior to your interview and make sure you have had something to eat. There is nothing worse than a growling stomach while you are trying to be professional and confident. Remember that an interview is a professional conversation between two people. Organize Yourself – Make sure you always do homework to learn about the company or corporation you are applying to. Learning about how the company started and how long they have been in business is a plus as this shows you are genuinely interested in working for this particular company. Make sure you are well groomed and look professional. Always bring with you a copy of your resume along with a complete list of your references and hand them to the interviewer after you shake hands. When you present yourself at an interview as being organized you are making an excellent impression with the person who is giving you the interview. Never think Negatively – Never say anything bad or indifferent about a previous employer or fellow employees. If you do, you are setting yourself up for instant failure on your interview.  Expressing yourself that you enjoy learning new aspects of a business is a plus.  You are always going to be asked: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  Your answer should be:  “As manager of ‘x’ department.”  Do not tap your fingers on the arm of the chair or make your legs bounce.  Always sit up straight and confident with your hands folded on your lap.  Body language is important and your interviewer will pick up any negative vibes you may be sending through the air. Never say anything bad about your finances, apartment, spouse, children or even the weather.  If you start thinking positively all of the time then your whole outlook on everything will change to the positive. Face your Fears – No one likes going on an interview as it is a stressful process in obtaining a job.  It is ok to be scared just do not show it.  You should be proud of yourself for being selected for an interview; therefore you did something right and nothing wrong.  The person whom you will be interviewing with puts their pants on the same way you do:  one leg at a time.  Just because they make a large salary doesn’t make them any more special than you are. Imagine Success – As you walk into your interview, walk in as if you already have the job.  You are already knowledgeable about the position and have experience or you would not be there.  When you have an air of success about you you will then be successful in what ever endeavor you take on in life. Do YOUR Best – Present yourself in the best possible fashion during your interview.  It is ok if you do not have all of the answers to questions you may be asked.  It is perfectly fine to say “I do not have a lot of experience in …”.  By presenting yourself the best way possible, with confidence, a smile on your face and willingness to learn you are a shoe-in for the job.  Be your best possible self but don’t over do it. Ease into the interview – Remember, as you are shaking hands with the interviewer ask them “How are you today?”  This will break the ice on your end and will help you relax. Hand the interviewer a copy of your resume and references.  Let the interviewer ask all of the questions until he asks if you have any questions. Never leave home without It (Confidence) – You should always be confident about yourself.  Remember, no one is any better than you are just because they have a nice house or make more money.  Having confidence shows on your face, your wardrobe and most importantly your body language.  Having positive body language is important as it shows you are not scared of anything and you are not scared to ask questions if you do not know something. Communicate clearly and concisely - Communicating with proper English and with “yes sir/ma’am or No/sir/ma’am” and providing only answers to any questions asked of you is all that the interviewer is looking for.  Never start to elaborate unless you are asked to.  Then make it short and sweet and to the point. Engage and enjoy the interview – It’s ok to loosen up a little bit during an interview.  You do not have to sit in your chair like a stick as that will show a weakness of being scared.  You want to show your confidence.  If you are asked a question regarding something you excel in your answers should be fluent and spoken with a smile on your face.  There is nothing to be scared of during an interview.

So there you have it. If you follow these guidelines you should ace your interview without a problem. Be confident in your looks, your mannerisms your speech and your body language. Always be prepared and know a little bit about the company you are applying to for a job. Bring along your resume and reference list all stapled nicely together. Take a deep breath before you enter the interview and blow out the nervousness. Walk in with an air of confidence and composure and always be positive in all of your answers.