Create the best onboarding experience.

Research shows more people leave within the first 6 months of a job than any other time. Your goal isn’t to wait until a new hire starts before you make a plan for them. Your goal should be building an experience for them the day they accept their offer letter. Get your team moving in the right direction with OrangeHRM’s Onboarding system.

Onboard for Individuals or in Batches

Being able to be flexible is important in creating a welcoming environment for your new hire. You don’t want them to be second guessing their decision of coming over to work for you. Whether it's a new hire group or individual you can create events that correlate with their start date making sure everything is ready on day one.

Onboard for individuals or in batches

Assign Event Owners for Easy Tracking and Accountability

Stop worrying about if Greg from IT set up the new hires laptops. With assigning event owners like IT, you can manage every onboarding event within the OrangeHRM. You can build multiple events and different tracks of events for different hires such as a new executive’s onboarding will be different than someone starting in sales.

Assign event owners for easy tracking and accountability

Onboarding Task Manager

Since you can assign a manager over an onboarding event, that manager will get reminders about the due date and what they need to do. You can also notify department heads with reminders about the new hire starting.

Onboard for individuals or in batches v2

Offboarding Automation

No need to panic when someone leaves your company. You can enable the offboarding tool and have pre-built events like restricting access to this user from important softwares or collecting the user’s door badge. When an employee quits it can blindside you but with offboarding automations, it doesn’t have to blow up your day.

Offboarding Automation

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