How HRIS, Payroll and Biometric attendance systems can work hand in hand to provide complete HR solutions. By Dasni

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HRIS(Human Resources Integrated System) is a software solution specifically designed to store , manage and process all the employees information in one location. Employees can log in their personal details, track time and attendance,  assign leaves, perform training, track performance all in one cloud solution. This eliminates duplication of manually stored Human Resources Data in different departments and divisions and as a result improves efficiency. It saves the time for your HR department to focus on other wide HR issues  which needs priority.

Most Modern HRIS are partnered with Time and attendance solutions complemented with the newest Payroll  and Biometric Technology.

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Payroll Software are automated systems which calculates employees  pay allowing for taxation and other deductions. It ensures these calculations are done on time to avoid disappointment and over complications when it comes to heavy adjustments.

An effective and efficient payroll will ensure employees are paid consistently and timely. It also delivers checks and manages all complicated calculations accurately . Modern Payroll software also can be automatically linked to Timesheet systems to track time in and time out . In a manual base, the employer only needs to enter the pay information, necessary pay deductions and work hours . The payroll system automatically calculates the necessary withholdings in which the employee should receive.

Purchasing a Suitable Payroll Software eliminates the unnecessary errors and  cost of hiring an Accountant to calculate Salaries. When purchasing a payroll system make sure that it is supportive to your business industry and thus flexible with Time Tracking and other HR software integrations . This ensures the software is cost effective and time saving.

Flexible Working Hours for staff are encouraged by Biometric Attendance systems which uses biometric technology. This advancement  captures your unique fingerprint, iris pattern or even your voice to mark your identity to verify your attendance or activity. It is a fool proof technology and is especially useful for organisations with a large number of employees.

Biometric Attendance System machines use each individual employees biometrics to record the time in and time out at work and even document access to certain activity. It’s highly accurate compared to manually logging in and out of the attendance register. This technology complemented along with Payroll Software provides a wider scope solution which makes the pay calculations error free and time saving as well.

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These three time saving solutions work together and complement each other providing a Comprehensive, efficient and Flexible WorkForce Management Software. When looking for a All in one Integrated Software it is important you choose a well known stable branded company which provides Control to you and maximum security and functions well with your business processes. As your business grows you should make sure , the Integrated Software chosen grows with the business needs enabling customization with your essential business requirements.