Request Desk

Quantify, measure and assign your requests on the go with OrangeHRM Request Desk Solution.


The role of HR Professionals around the world, goes beyond just the management of their people. The paradigm shift in the global workplace has opened doors to a new and dynamic HR culture where employees are held more accountable than they were before.


An ordinary workday in HR requires one to respond to multiple calls, clarifications, requests, and emails of internal and external stakeholders. In this scenario, there are numerous instances of requests received being lost in the paper trail as well as in overcrowded inboxes. The good news for all overburdened HR Professionals is that they no longer need to undergo the stress and the pressure. Their workflows could be easily streamlined and their hard work and efforts recognized with a centralized automated HR Help Desk that eliminates paper and saves so much time.


The Request Desk Solution developed by OrangeHRM, tracks requests received by an HR Department and assigns them to responsible personnel in order for them to get the required task done. This easy to use solution helps HR Teams quantify and present the number of tasks or amount of work done by them on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.


This rewarding and user friendly Request Desk solution enables the creation of user-based roles in which admin users can configure requests, assign request owners, submit requests and view reports through dashboards. The OrangeHRM Request Desk Solution records your tasks in an organized manner and enables the person that requested the task to view the progress or status of the request made.