The HR Dictionary


The separation procedure when an employee departs a company is referred to as employee offboarding. An exit interview, the return of any company property, a phased knowledge transfer from the departing employee to a new or existing employee, and various procedures from the business' human resources, information technology, or legal departments are all possible components of the offboarding process. 

Resignation, layoffs and termination of employment, retirement, and other situations may cause an employee to depart an organization. A variety of concerns will be there for the business when this occurs. Completed projects, client communication issues, security concerns, compliance hazards, and other issues are a few examples of these. In most cases, a separation process' risks and possible losses are mitigated by a process called employee offboarding. As part of the offboarding process, it's common to ask departing employees for input on their time at the company and any potential cultural changes. It is said to be the last stage of an employment lifecycle.