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Continuous Performance Management

Foster continuous conversations between supervisors, their reports, and teams about goals, work progress, and performance on an ongoing basis.

Detailed Timesheets

Detailed’ timesheets can track from and to time rather than just the duration.

  • Keep track of in and outs and breaks of employees, for regulatory, audit or administration purposes.

  • Track ‘from’ and ‘to’ times for projects and activities.

Common Activities

Define activities independent of projects. Select activities without a project or for any project in the timesheets.

  • Administrators no longer have to keep defining the same activity under each project. Just define it once and you are good to go! Employees can select the ‘Common Activity’ for any project.

  • If some activities have nothing to do with projects, administrators no longer have to define them as projects with a ‘default’ activity just so employees can enter data. Just defin

Pay Rules Engine

A computation engine that breaks up hours worked into regular hours, overtime and other pay categories.

  • Automatically calculate overtime for employees across all locations

  • Configure and maintain pay policies as per regulatory requirements or contractual obligations

  • Output pay hours under pay codes as required by payroll

  • Supports many pay rules such as weekly overtime and daily overtime.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

A new data transport layer has been introduced to make integrations much easier. This will also improve product performance by making certain actions like email notifications asynchronous. This is available with version 6.4.