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Empowering Global Teams: Steiger's OrangeHRM Success Story

About Steiger

Steiger is an international non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reaching out to the global youth culture. They work to share their beliefs and provide support to young people. Originally started as a movement, Steiger's growth necessitated a shift towards a more structured organization. This transition involved establishing policies, procedures, and standardized processes.


Steiger's unique structure presented a challenge. Unlike traditional corporations, Steiger operates with a geographically dispersed workforce across various continents. They prioritize cultural sensitivity and require an HR solution that caters to a multilingual environment.

The Challenge

“We needed something that we could afford that at the same time was of use to us.”

Adi, the International HR Manager at Steiger, explains the challenges they faced in managing HR processes for a geographically diverse and non-profit organization.

  • Lack of Standardization - Steiger's evolution from a movement to an organization necessitated establishing standardized policies and procedures. However, their international reach made it difficult to implement a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

  • Multilingual Needs - With teams operating in various regions, Steiger required an HRMS that catered to a multilingual workforce.

  • Non-Profit Constraints - As a non-profit, Steiger had limited financial resources and needed a cost-effective HR solution.

The Solution

“Your software is available in several languages and that was  a key factor for us as an international organization.”

After evaluating different HR solutions, Steiger selected OrangeHRM for several key reasons:

An All-In-One Solution

OrangeHRM's pricing structure catered to Steiger's non-profit budget. With an array of clients in the non-profit sector, OrangeHRM proved to be a cost-effective solution for Steiger. OrangeHRM's software was available in multiple languages, which was crucial for Steiger's geographically dispersed teams. This ensured accessibility and enhanced user experience for employees working in their native languages. The adaptability to specific needs was a major advantage for Steiger. The platform allowed them to configure the system to accommodate their unique workflows and processes. The willingness of the OrangeHRM team to address Steiger's specific requirements further solidified their decision. Finally, Steiger utilized OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for performance management. OrangeHRM's built-in OKR system offered a valuable tool to facilitate goal setting and performance evaluation across the organization.

Smooth Implementation and Support

“He would come back to us after every request and when the developers needed to be contacted he would also include them in the discussion. He was always on top of things. So, I feel like the support we received was quite good.”

The overall implementation process went smoothly. Despite the challenges, Adi highlights the exceptional support provided by the OrangeHRM implementation team, who actively addressed Steiger's concerns and facilitated communication with the development team to resolve any issues that arose. Although there were challenges the OrangeHRM team demonstrated a commitment to finding solutions and addressed these concerns promptly. Adi recalls the help she received from her dedicated implementation consultant. “He would come back to us and say, talk to the support team or the developers. And yeah, basically, he was always on top of things. So, I feel like the support we received was quite good.”

Reaping Multiple Benefits

Since implementing OrangeHRM, Steiger has experienced several benefits, the leave module offered a centralized system for managing leave requests and tracking leave balances,  streamlining previously cumbersome processes. The recruitment module facilitated the applicant tracking process and provided valuable tools for managing recruitment workflows. The integration of OKRs within the system offered a structured approach to performance management and goal setting. Finally, having all employee information readily accessible in one location improved data organization and accessibility.

Rave Reviews

Based on their positive experience, Adi expressed strong satisfaction with OrangeHRM and indicated a high likelihood of recommending the solution to other organizations, particularly those sharing similarities with Steiger's structure and needs. OrangeHRM's multilingual capabilities proved to be a significant advantage for Steiger's geographically dispersed teams. Also, for a non-profit organization like Steiger, managing budgetary constraints is crucial. OrangeHRM's pricing structure addressed this concern, providing a cost-effective HR solution that met their needs without exceeding their financial limitations. With Adi stating, “Definitely I would, especially for organizations that are from outside of the corporate world like us, I would recommend it. I find Orange HRM to be quite customizable.”

Steiger's successful implementation of OrangeHRM demonstrates the platform's ability to address the specific challenges faced by non-profit organizations operating on a global scale. OrangeHRM's customizability,  multilingual functionality, and cost-effectiveness make it a strong contender for non-profits seeking to streamline HR processes, manage a geographically dispersed workforce, and enhance overall organizational efficiency.