Online Training

Online Training aims to help organizations track and manage various employee accreditations that uphold their standards and that of the company.

Training and career development are extremely important in any organization that aims at progressing. This entails managing human capital, decision making and creative or out of the box thinking. Training helps employees overcome their weaknesses, improve their performance. This in turn, contributes towards employee satisfaction that leads to increased productivity, improvement in the quality of the product and or service delivered to the customer, resulting in cost reduction, profitability to the organization.


The above makes it all the more important that the organization's training software accommodates the manner in which employees of the modern organization would like to work in the present day.  


OrangeHRM’s Online Training Module, delivers a modern learning experience and a persuasive, person-centric approach to training your employees. It gives the employee the freedom and flexibility to access the training content they need, when they need it and at their convenience.


 Employee certification is considered extremely important for organizations as it helps ensure employees stay updated on products, processes, services offered, while also helping them improve their skills and competencies. In some parts of the world, employee certification has also become a regulatory requirement. Many organizations now make it mandatory for their employees to undergo Online Training Courses and Assessments to ensure organizational standards are adhered to and employees are proficient in their job.


OrangeHRM’s Online Training Module helps organizations that require to maintain various industry competencies and accreditations such as ISO. It also helps track and manage Online Certification courses that conform to your organizational needs. A key capability of the Online Training Module is its ability to provide a certification framework for training requirements. It gives an organization the confidence that its employees are competent and strive for excellence. Well trained employees know to uphold company standards and in return provide a better service to customers and other stakeholders.