Global Leave Management Software & Systems

Global Leave Management System

Use the Leave/Time off Management module to process employee leave requests with ease. This highly flexible leave management software module integrates calendaring and company and state leave policies to support and monitor employee time off.

Leave Nominee

How do you manage resource when employees go on leave? Is there a way of ensuring productivity remains high, regardless of when employees go on leave, or during a busy vacation period? Now there’s an easier way to ensure your organization remains on top of deliverables and can help manage resourcing amongst teams. OrangeHRM offers the possibility of nominating employees who will handle the workloads during an employee’s absence. Employees can suggest alternative colleagues to be their resource during the leave period. Managers will be alerted through notifications when leave is requested, and can view and approve the nominee.

Company Leave Reports & Calendar

Save time by setting your own default filters on the employee leave calendar. You can set your own filters to meet your individual needs. By setting filters to view what you only want to see helps streamline processes and makes accessing important data quicker and easier than ever before.

Leave/Time-off Types and Policies

Create multiple leave types such as Vacation, Sick, FMLA, Maternity, Family Care Leave, Child Care Leave and configure rules regulating these leave types with company and state polices. You can setup accruals and carry forwards to run on configurable intervals and accumulate leave based on employment status, job titles, service period and job category.

Employee Self Service

Employees access the system to book leave, while the system generates notifications to supervisors allowing them to perform approvals and rejections with notifications to subordinates. Self-service users have access to personal leave reports, department leave calendars and snapshots of their usage for each period. Supervisors have access to subordinate leave reports and calendars and are also able to assign leave on behalf of their subordinates.

Company Leave Reports & Calendar

You can plan and manage employee availability with graphical representations of leave, holidays, weekends and statuses. The reports engine will allow you to create reports and graphs for payroll, other departments and management with ease and export them into CSV.

Leave/Time-off Types and Policies

We understand that every organization is different, and working weeks or days can differ depending on location or industry. That’s why we make it easy for you, with the Global Leave Management System you can define the working and non-working days for each employee or for a specific location. Ideal when working in a geographically dispersed teams!

Bradford Factor

Organizations can struggle to manage absenteeism, especially within a geographically disperse team. The Bradford Factor does the hard work for you.

The Bradford Factor is designed to track number of instances of sickness over a 12 month period, and patterns on a month by month basis for each employee. For example: if an employee tends to call in sick every Friday of each month.

Organizations can define their own thresholds, making it not only an easy way to manage absence but a flexible tool as well. Managers are alerted through email notifications when theresholds are met, without the need to search high and low for valuable information. This way of managing absences can help organizations save money and ensure an efficient and strong workforce throughout the year.

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