OrangeHRM 2.6.8 with Advanced Features
What's new in OrangeHRM 2.6.8?
This new version of OrangeHRM will feature enhanced time & attendance and recruitment modules. The advanced features of these modules have been elaborated below.

1. Keyword Tagging

This new feature allows users to tag keywords in a candidate's record, which adds weight to the resume. The hiring manager can search for all the resumes with the relevant keyword. Moreover, the candidate's resume can be downloaded from the search results itself.
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2. RSS Feed

The user can post job vacancies to RSS Feed from the system itself. Candidates can apply for job vacancies through RSS Feed.
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3. Social Media Recruitment Plug-in

The option to post job vacancies to facebook and will be available on the open-source software. The option to post job vacancies on other social media and popular job sites will be available as an advanced plug-in.Through this plug-in, job vacancies could be posted on facebook, twitter, linkedin,monster and carrierbuilder.
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4. Resume Parsing

This feature is available as an advanced plug-in. This highly advanced search option allows data mining, where the user can search for information within an attached resume.

5. Candidate Archiving Plug-in

This plug-in allows the user to archive certain resumes for later use. The archived resumes will be stored in a separate structured folder and will not be displayed in the list of candidates.
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6. Timesheets

It is now possible to create timesheets weekly or monthly and times can be entered in hh:mm.
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7. Time Reports

Time Reports can be generated for approved or all pending approval timesheets.
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8. Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking also has been enhanced with more control and clear reporting for HR administrators and managers.
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OrangeHRM has been constantly encouraging community feedback which allows us to provide the best and important HR functions to users around the world.

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