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OrangeHRM provides leading HR solutions and expertise to Education institutions across the globe.

We understand that attracting and retaining top talent in an ever increasing competitive market can be costly and challenging. OrangeHRM has helped some of the world’s leading universities to attract, manage and retain their talent, along with reducing administrative tasks and streamlining their processes with a cutting-edge human capital management software solution.

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"OrangeHRM has been anything less than helpful would be an understatement. They have assisted me in getting ready for the 2011 fall semester, and our students are poised to reap the benefits of their generosity"

Mike Guglielmo
Participatory Faculty
Temple University

"Thanks to OrangeHRM there is quick access to information both by employees and administrators. It facilitates the process of calculating leave for employees. It has helped also in the coherent and accurate process of vacancies and recruiting employees."

Hertha Gentle
HR Director
University of Belize

"OrangeHRM was a breeze to use from day 1. Thanks to OrangeHRM we could focus on planning and strategic priorities, and most importantly our people, instead of being weighed down by endless paperwork."

Rosa Salgado Rodriguez,
DoCS HR Director,

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