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Foundation Global Education partners with OrangeHRM

Foundation Global Education partners with OrangeHRMEducation Consulting organization, Foundation Global Education has chosen OrangeHRM’s solution to help manage their HR processes and people. Based in Hong Kong, they offer comprehensive education services for students pursuing elite overseas education. OrangeHRM are excited to welcome Foundation Global Education to their family!
OrangeHRM Customers - BioPharma Group

OrangeHRM welcome BioPharma Group!

BioPharma Engineering, based in the UK, Ireland and France is a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries. They have selected OrangeHRM’ s solution to manage their HR processes.
OrangHRM Partner - O'Kanne Consultants

O’Kane Consultants partners with OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM has been chosen by O’Kane Consultants, based in Canada specializing in integrated mine waste management and closure services in Geochemistry. OrangeHRM will work with O’Kane Consultants to streamline their HR processes and manage their peopl
OrangeHRM Customers - Purogenix Limited

Purogenix Limited selects OrangeHRM.

Purogenix Limited based in the UK has partnered with OrangeHRM to provide their HR Management Solution. Purogenix Limited is based in the UK, and is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Welcome to the family!
OrangeHRM Partners- Pierce County Security Inc.

Pierce County Security Inc. partners with OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM are delighted to announce, US based Security services Pierce County Security Inc has chosen OrangeHRM for their HR Management solution. Pierce County Security Inc provide a total security solution through a monitoring service. Welcome to the family!
OrangeHRM Partners - Avvivo

Avvio partners with OrangeHRM for HR Management Solution

Avvio provide intuitive and user-friendly reservation technology to enhance the booking path hotel customers. OrangeHRM are excited to welcome Avvio to their ever growing client base to help manage their people and talent.
American University of Antigua

American University of Antigua College of Medicine selects OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM has partnered with the American University of Antigua College of Medicine to deliver HR excellence in the Education sector. The American University of Antigua College of Medicines are dedicated to creating future generations of physicians that serve the communities they represent.
OrangeHRM Customers Orange Burkina Faso S.A

OrangeHRM welcome Orange Burkina Faso S.A

OrangeHRM are delighted to welcome Orange Burkina Faso S.A to its extensive customer base within the Telecommunications industry.
Orange Burkina Faso S.A is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa.
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Prefixa Vision Systems selects OrangeHRM as their HR Solution provider.

We are pleased to announce, Prefixa Vision Systems has chosen OrangeHRM to provide them with their HR software to manage their people and HR processes.
Prefixa Vision Systems are an engineering and software development company for 3D data visualization for Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms.
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Open source tools can help small businesses cut costs and save time

Small businesses are reaping the benefits of free open source software, but it pays to be aware of the downsides.
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How to spin up OrangeHRM as a virtual machine in less than 5 minutes

(October 12, 2016) - In need of an HRM solution that won't set you back hours of installation and setup time? The TurnKey Linux OrangeHRM virtual appliance might be the right tool for you.
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Meet the World’s Most Popular Open Source HR Software: OrangeHRM

(September 30, 2016) - Launched in 2005, OrangeHRM is the most popular open source human resource management (HRM) software in the world. Offering choice, flexibility and affordability, OrangeHRM gives you three premier products:
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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

(September 30, 2016) - Launched in 2005, OrangeHRM is the most popular open source human resource management (HRM) software in the world.
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The ten things that drive HR crazy

(September 09, 2016) - Part of HR’s job is to meet and communicate with employees and job seekers on a daily basis. But with employees giving weird excuses for being late to work, behaving strangely on business trips, and job seekers doing questionable things to get noticed, how much more can an HR executive handle?
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5 things HR can learn from the sports field

(August 08, 2016) - As Olympic Games Rio 2016 pick up the pace, sports fans may find a lot of ideas applicable on the sports field may work just as well in the corporate environment as well. The team at OrangeHRM has compiled some quick tips:
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Top 7 HR Lessons from Pokémon Go

Never settle for just any candidate
OrangeHRM Pokémon Go is changing the world we live in. It's on pace to be the most popular game and app of all time. There have been many stories this month of people getting fired, falling off cliffs, getting into car accidents, arrested, or robbed because of Pokémon Go. Within all this madness, there..
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7 things HR can learn from Pokémon Go

Never settle for just any candidate
Before you start your journey in Pokémon Go, you must first capture your starter Pokémon – Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. But, if like most people, you want a rare Pokémon like Pikachu at the start of the game, don't immediately choose one of the three basic starter Pokémon or you'll probably regret it when you learn that if you run away from the basic starter Pokémon, Pikachu will appear. Good luck finding a Pikachu later on, they are rare.
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5 things HR can learn from the sports field

1. Celebrate everything, not just the goals 
A series of skill plays or a great shot attempt will often get the fans' applause, even if the team didn't score, because it shows that the players are making the right decisions and it will eventually lead to a goal. For example, when a marketing executive writes a good article that doesn't get the publicity that the organisation was hoping for, simply letting them know they did a great job can go a long way in improving that employee's morale.

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HRIS vs. HRMS: Is There Any Difference? 3 Experts Weigh In

(January 13, 2015) - Prior to recent developments, differentiating each type of HR solution was much more important. Vendors were hyper-focused on developing products to meet very specific needs, laying the groundwork for optimizing HR's multiple responsibilities. Solutions categorized as HRIS or HRMS were very different from what they are now.

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Personalmanagement: Innovative SaaS-Tools für Personalabteilungen

(February 03, 2015) - Wer administrative Tätigkeiten in der Personalwirtschaft effizient erledigt, der hat mehr Zeit für strategisch wichtigere Aufgaben. Abhilfe versprechen dabei moderne und schlanke SaaS-Dienste für E-Recruiting, Personal-Controlling und Talent-Management.

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OrangeHRM makes it onto the CIO Review's 20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers

(July 31, 2014)-The emergence of the information era has brought in new capabilities to ascertain an employee's competitiveness. Access to Human Resource Management software (HRM) can make a big difference to any organization in tracking the entire life cycle of employees.

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OrangeHRM NOT Vulnerable to Heartbleed

(April 22, 2014)-As you may know, the heartbleed vulnerability has been a major concern during the past week. We are pleased to inform you that we and our service providers were secured from this attack at all times and were never vulnerable due to security measures of our own on top of SSL.

Best open source HRM and ERP solutions

( May 20th , 2013)-It's been often mentioned that enterprise-level companies have fully embraced open source. From the reliable, secure Linux operating system, to the unsurpassed LAMP platform, open source has quite a lot to offer the larger business systems. One area where open source has been solid for years is the HRM/ERP (Human Resource Management and Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Any company looking for such tools will have either looked at open source solutions or chosen an open source solution to empower their human resource and other departments

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Sandals HR professionals

(September 21, 2012)-Human resource management professionals representing individual companies within the Sandals Group of Companies recently participated in a four-day training course in the OrangeHRM software, conducted at Sandals Resorts International, Montego Bay

OrangeHRM Live – The Best Open Source HRM on the Market

(September 05th, 2011)-OrangeHRM is a really powerful tool that offers rich functionality, but also a broad variety of settings and customization. Its main strengths are a sophisticated staff directory, excellent timesheets functionality, well implemented recruiting, a variety of useful ready to use reports, and what is more, monitoring of performance with KPIs.

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HR Locker vs. OrangeHRM Live

(September 112th,2011)-The functionality and customizability of OrangeHRM are much broader than those that HR Locker has to offer. However, if your organization is not big enough and you think you will not take advantage of all the extra features, than HR Locker might be the right service just for you. It is easy to use, covers all the essential functionality and during our tests it well proved it can be a very effective and useful tool

TribeHR vs. OrangeHRM Live

(September 007th,2011)-When deciding between TribeHR and OrangeHRM Live one has to take greatly in account the size of the organization. OrangeHRM Live offers great functional package with focus on customization, which can find its best use in larger organizations. On the other hand, TribeHR will work best for smaller organizations that won't find a use for its more advanced features (and it looks good, too!).

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Debunking Popular Opensource Myths

(August 15th , 2011)-The open source industry will soon reach another milestone when Linux celebrates its 20th anniversary on Aug. 25. Advocates identify five misconceptions surrounding the technology and discuss how these have since been proven false with the emergence of a viable business model.

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Tasting the Delights of OrangeHRM

(April 11th, 2011)- Since the free software was originally created by hackers for hackers, it's no wonder that the first programs they created were tools - things like Emacs - and something to run them on - GNU/Linux. The second generation applications were key infrastructural elements - Web servers, databases etc., while more recently, we've seen the rise of applications like enterprise content management and CRM, as open source moves closer to the end users.

Pssssst! Wanna Free HRMS?

(February 07th, 2011)- OrangeHRM, an "open source" HRMS has been available free for years for smaller companies. Now it faces the challenge of adapting to SaaS -- an issue never imagined when the open source movement started years ago. The two brothers/owners are making the transition while trying to stay true to their roots.

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Linux distributions dedicated to companies

(January 15th , 2011)- Sometimes we think we can only work with operating system giant. One option for companies when choosing an operating system for teams has always been Linux. There are companies devoted to Linux distributions highly recommended and just practices that other operating systems.

Top open source enterprise software picks

(December 23rd, 2010)- ZDNet Asia spoke to open source vendors and developers for their recommendations of open source enterprise software available in the market today, which they say can improve business processes including workflow and content management.

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OrangeHRM clamors to join million-dollar club

(September 8th , 2010)- OrangeHRM, the open source human resource management (HRM) software company, wants to join the million-dollar revenue club by 2011. To attain that goal, its CEO revealed that the company is focusing on delivering quality service and investing in mobile technologies.

OrangeHRM Closes On Series A Financing

(April 14th , 2010)- OrangeHRM, Inc., a leader in the development of open-source human resources management (HRM) software, is pleased to announce that it has received Series A investment capital from principal investors Larry Stefonic and David Axmark to finance the sales, marketing and development of OrangeHRM, the company's flagship product.

Read Fingerprint Attendance Data

(February 9rd , 2010)- In previous article, Read Fingerprint Attendance Data 1_attlog.dat Using PHP and Transfer to MySQL, we already talk about importing the fingerprint time attendance data 1_attlog.dat to MySQL table for further process. Now we will try to import the data to OrangeHRM. OrangeHRM is open source Human Resources software that runs using PHP + MySQL platform. OrangeHRM consists several module that can help to manage human resource operation, such as leave management, time attendance management, salary management and employee data

Read Fingerprint Attendance Data

(January 9rd, 2010)- During our experiment using fingerprint device X100, we need to read the time attendance log data. The device has the option to download the time attendance data to USB flash disk.

Open Source Software

(December 23rd , 2009)- If you're a user of business software, chances are there's an open-source alternative to the expensive licenses pitched by big vendors like Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and SAP (SAP). But don't expect sales people to come knocking. You'll need to do your own legwork to find the right stuff.

E-HR 2010: Key HR Software Developments in the Year Ahead

(November 23rd , 2009)- HR software is becoming an indispensable and ever more sophisticated tool for the profession. From the evolution of Software as a Service to clever e-learning tools and mobile technology, Helen Williams asks a wide selection of HR software providers and experts what they think HR will demand from software applications in 2010.

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OrangeHRM, Leading Open Source HRM Solution

(June 18th, 2009)- OrangeHRM is a project that started about three years ago and has grown significantly since then. Today the project reached more than 230,000 downloads, were elected the "Project of the month" in December 2008 by and listed at the top 10 projects list

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CNN HR Software Picks

(April 21st, 2009)- Every software list needs at least one open-source application. First released in 2005, OrangeHRM is a flexible HR package that is available both as a hosted service and as an in-house solution. The software takes a modular approach typically seen in more expensive, enterprise packages: HR functions are broken out into pieces, allowing your business to pick and choose which features it needs.

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OrangeHRM Free Open Source HRM Software: Review

.(March 30 th, 2009)- Human Resource Management software is high on demand as companies are looking for more feasible solutions to streamline their most important assets - the employees. The HRM software have redefined the ambit of talent management assisting businesses in time-saving and effective HR management

OrangeHRM Article in Human Capital Magazine Indonesia

(March 2009) - Segarnya OrangeHRM Manisnya Kinerja HRM

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Open source ERP and SMB

(February 12th, 2009) - While Oracle and SAP deal with multi-million-dollar projects at large enterprises, an opportunity with SMBs opens up for open source.

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Open Source Leave Management System - PHP based

(January 05th, 2009) - It's the early year 2009 and I noticed several search System. Some of the search terms include:

  • Free leave application PHP
  • Open source web leave tracking system
  • Download source code for online leave management
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11 Useful Open-Source Apps You Should Know About

(November 16th , 2008) - Today, we are listing another collection of open-source applications that you probably want to know to use in your daily life or did not know before. You may not find them between the top of the list projects and many of projects are not listed here but over all the list has variety of projects for every one to run their business process in a much cost effective way. This is the list of 11 Useful Open-Source Apps You Should Know About.

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Top 10 Open Source Productivity Apps

(October 10th, 2008) - Can open source software make us more productive? Some people seem to think so. In this piece, we will examine a list of ten applications from the open universe that allow their users to find a more productive place in their lives.

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Human Resources Management on Autopilot with OrangeHRM

(October 10th, 2008) - Can open source software make us more productive? Some people seem to think so. In this piece, we will examine a list of ten applications from the open universe that allow their users to find a more productive place in their lives.

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HRMS for the Rest of Us

(July 1st , 2007) - Finding the right HR technology solution for your company's size and business needs is an important decision that can greatly enhance its success in human capital management.

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Open Source's Hottest 10 Apps

(June 20th, 2007) - Need a new app? Looking for inspiration? Want to know what the next trend might be? Welcome to the world of open source software where high-quality tools are free to try and free to keep - and where you can quickly see what everyone else is checking out and join in on the buzz. Open source's hottest 10 apps.

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Enterprise Open Source Is Not Just the Code

June 12th, 2007 - After infiltrating corporate operating systems and middleware products, open source software has in recent years moved into enterprise applications with great success.

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OrangeHRM Launches OrangeHRM On-Demand & Releases ver 2.1 with Broad Features

San Francisco, CA (April 17th, 2007) - OrangeHRM Inc. today announced the availability of OrangeHRM On-Demand, a hosted version of its OrangeHRM open source human resources management solution for small and mid-sized enterprises. The company has also released a new Version 2.1 that upgrades the system's Leave Management module and a variety of other functions.

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Open Source Startups Seek to Fill Vertical Voids

(April 11th, 2007) - There are a number of open source software applications that cover enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and payroll, but there is a strange dearth of unified open source human resources software solutions, which some say is symbolic of the general lack of industry-specific and vertical open source software.

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Open-Source Software Opening HR Doors

(March 7th, 2007) - OrangeHRM says it's the world's first open source human resources management system.

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Open-Source Software Opening HR Doors

(January 22nd, 2007) - At least that's the vision of OrangeHRM, a startup firm that began offering an open-source version of human resources management software this year.

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Online HR Information System

(December 6th, 2006) - OrangeHRM is an Open Source HR information system that keeps employee-related information in a centralized, online database. You can generate literally any kind of report by applying vivid search criteria.

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