OrangeHRM HRIS | HRMS Administration Outsourcing

HR outsourcing for specific activities such as payroll and benefits administration, recent years have seen HR outsourcing occupy a broader role in the operations and strategic plans of leading companies. For enterprises undertaking or considering HR outsourcing, the critical question is how to get the most benefit from the best human resource management software in terms of efficiency, savings, and service delivery quality.

Once your purchase of an HRIS is done, you may not have the right resources to administer the system for you. At OrangeHRM we take care of system administration which covers the following for your business with a dedicated team working 24 by 5.


System Maintenance

Assist in the implementation of the system and collaborate with functional staff to coordinate the maintenance of the application. This includes master data management, employee records and security management.

Production Support

Provide support for the system for configurations, data updates, policy changes, bulk updates to modules and other training related to HRIS policy and procedures.

Process Improvement

Apply change management experience to facilitate movement to new levels of quality. Compare data from different modules to draw conclusions. Recommend process improvements and policy changes.


Write, maintain and support a variety of reports or queries to assist in the development of standard reports for ongoing needs. Help maintain data integrity in systems by running queries and analyzing data.

Secure & Dedicated Points of Contact

OrangeHRM's outsourcing uses secure channels of communication and data transmission techniques to ensure a high-quality service. All of your data remains private and confidential. The security of your personal information is important to us.

Each client is also assigned to a dedicated consultant who will work with you and act as your HRIS manager to cater to your requirements on the system. The consultant will:

  • Small online sessions support focused training objectives.
  • Understand your environment and get to know your in-house team by working closely with them
  • Be proactive to help you get more from your investment
  • Help your team address changing needs



Whether you run a small business or manage operations for a large international corporation, we have the service and support offerings you need to help your business reach full productivity. Our Premium Service offerings cover a wide range of customer and business needs.

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