OrangeHRM Open Source Support

OrangeHRM products make your business more efficient, cost-effective, risk-resistant, and competitive. Now you can get the most value for your investment on this open source HRMS with unsurpassed support services.

At OrangeHRM, we focus on your success by delivering personalized service to increase the value of our product in your unique business setting..

We recognize business priorities change quickly. Our support plan is tailored to help you:

  • Improve business value: Using our leveled support services helps you reduce unplanned downtime and resolve problems faster. Let us focus on technical support while you drive your business forward. OrangeHRM is committed to delivering high-quality products, effective system services and the latest in HR technology.
  • Increase productivity: OrangeHRM is an essential HR management platform used worldwide. Our system streamlines delivery of your HR services, saving you time and money. When you need system support, we offer expert guidance and product updates to tailor our product to your needs and business environment.
  • Minimize business risk: Using OrangeHRM support services helps you handle the unexpected. Managing risk and resolving your system problems is our business. We provide ongoing support for planning, consultation and troubleshooting to minimize disruptions and keep your system—and company data—secure.