OrangeHRM Business Policy

Usage Rights

OrangeHRM's Open-Source product is meant for Open-Source projects and individual corporations/company usage. If you want to derive commercial benefit from OrangeHRM then please contact us at to discuss a partnership. The commercial benefit includes, but is not limited to, reselling the OrangeHRM Open Source Product or using the OrangeHRM Open Source Product in an extended or repackaged form, or as a timesharing, outsourcing, service bureau, application service provider or managed service provider environment. OrangeHRM will actively discourage end users from contacting or engaging with non-certified resellers.

Support Rights

Please be advised that OrangeHRM will not commercially or technically support companies (or that company's end users) which engage in any of the activities above which are prohibited. For the latest releases, most recent bug fixes, authorized use of OrangeHRM's trademarks or manuals please contact us at

OrangeHRM's trademarks, logos, and intellectual property are protected by applicable all international trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. Our trademark and logo are important to us at OrangeHRM and to our community, customers, developers, partners, and supporters. When our trademarks maintain their strong association with quality and compatibility, the entire open source community benefits. If you would like to use any of them on your website, in an ad, in an article or book, or reproduce them anywhere else, please contact to receive permission from OrangeHRM.