OrangeHRM Installation Guide

OrangeHRM Installation Guide

OrangeHRM is very easy to install. Whether you use Windows or Linux, simply watch the video tutorial on the web-based installer, and you will have one of the best HRIS systems running within minutes.


The pre-requirements are:

  • Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22 or later

  • MySQL 5.5 or later

  • PHP 5.4 or later

If you already have Apache HTTP Webserver (and PHP loaded as an Apache Module) and MySQL running, then you have everything you need.

In case you do not have the requisites setup, you have two options:

  1. Use an AMP stack which has Apache, MySQL and PHP pre-configured to work together.

  2. If you want you can configure Apache, MySQL and PHP on your own manually. You can refer to the OrangeHRM FAQ on how to install/configure them.

AMP Stack

AMP Stack for Windows

Recommended AMP stack for Windows is XAMPP Windows.Download

Notice: Make sure you download the Installer from the Basic Package and not the upgrades, developer packs, etc.

After downloading, start installing XAMPP for Windows.

  • You can choose the default installation location and click 'Next'

  • When asked to "Install XAMPP Servers (Apache, MySQL etc) as service?",

    • When asked "Install Apache 2 as service?", select Yes

    • When asked "Install MySQL as service?", select Yes

  • You may skip the other services by selecting No since they are not required for OrangeHRM

  • Select Yes to start the XAMPP control panel too.

  • In case you use any firewall software (i.e.: Windows Firewall) and if it prompts please make sure that XAMPP services (Apache Web Server, MySQL) are exempted from the blocked list.
  • If you use Skype, this may result in a port conflict with Apache web-server included in XAMPP when install. Therefore make sure you re-start Windows to make sure that XAMPP services start before Skype (then Skype will go for an alternate port).

AMP Stack for Linux

Recommended AMP stack for Linux is XAMPP Linux.Download

Notice: Make sure you download complete stack (usually the biggest download out of the lot) and not the upgrades, developer packs, etc.

After downloading, install XAMPP Linux. Follow the instructions that comes with XAMPP Linux or given on the XAMPP site.

Note: You always have to manually start the stack, every time you reboot.

Web Installation

Note: XAMPP users, the Linux stack needs to be started manually. Refer to the stack documentation.

Using a JavaScript enabled browser go to http://hostname/orangehrm2/

Above hostname is "localhost" if it is installed in the machine you are currently working on or IP address if it is remotely hosted (i.e. external to the machine you are using).

Web installation will be briefly described bellow.

Welcome Screen

It will state which version of OrangeHRM will be installed.

Click [Next] button in the Welcome screen to proceed with the installation.

License Acceptance

Here you will be provided with a copy of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and to continue the installation you will have to accept the license. If you decline simply discontinue the installation and delete all OrangeHRM files you posses.

Click [I Accept] button if you accept the terms and conditions of the license. Then you will be taken to the next page of the Web Installer.

System Check

Here the Web Installer will check whether the pre-requirements are available.

If all responses are green you can safely continue. You have installed the correct versions of the pre-requisites and configured them to work.

See below for all the color codes in a sample situation.

Click [Next] button in the System Check screen to continue.

Database Creation

Enter the relevant information about your MySQL database server and database users.

Click [Next] in Database Creation screen to continue.

Admin User Creation

Type in the Admin Username, Password and Confirm Admin User Password.

Click [Next] button in Admin User Creation Screen to continue.


Confirm whether the installation details are correct and Click [Install] button in the Confirmation screen to install.


Here you will be shown the progress of the installation. Once the installation is completed the [Next] button will be enabled. Click

Next] button in the Installing screen to continue.

If an error occurs during the installation the whole installation will be aborted.

Click [Clean Up Install] to go to previous pages to correct the error and restart the installation. See screenshots

[Skip screen shots]

Following are sample screenshots of the Installing screen:

Installation has just started.

Installation in progress.

Installation has finished successfully.

Installation has been aborted due to an error.


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You can also provide your comments.

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If the registration is successful you can click [Login to OrangeHRM] to Login to OrangeHRM.

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FAQ - Self-Extracting Installer

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