Leave Management By Dasni


Leave/Time Off Management System

Missed Leave Requests

An important team project is coming up and two or a few of your highly involved team workers are suddenly absent . Searching through your crowded mailbox  to find two missed leave email requests


You do not know if the same employees were even eligible to take the leave they requested cause you had not kept a record of their leave history.


Unplanned Leave

One of your staff members takes an unplanned leave and you have not been given prior notice and you’re being called up to hear he/she won’t be able to make it to office. You update your excel sheet or manually record the leave. Weeks after when gathering up the total leaves, unknowingly  you have added this unplanned leave to a casual leave request as you have not created leave Types, and when the employee insists it was a planned leave you’re at fault.


These situations are quite common if you have not organised proper leave documentation through a Leave management Software.


Global leave Management System


A Comprehensive Leave Management System avoids these disastrous situations and prepare you for employee absenteeism at work, and thus plan your team attendance for important projects ahead. Leave/ Time off Management system  enables you to

  • Define Employees user roles or even Create Custom User Roles

  • Employees leave policy,

  • Define leave types,

  • Keep a  track of employees leave history, leave balance, leave calendars  leave accruals and carry forwards

  • Review, access leave reports any time


OrangeHRM’s Leave/ Time Off  Management Module solves your manually entered leave complications and  records which happen to be time consuming and complex. It enables your organisation employees to access the leave module according to their user role. These are predefined in our system or can be customized by the Supervisor as Custom User Roles. Then once supervisors define the eligible leave types and policies per employee position, the system allows Self Service for employees where they can get their leaves accepted in real time once entered in the system


The System automatically tracks your Leaves taken, calculates the remaining leave balance you're eligible to take.

Leave Module consists of several subcategories; A Few of them being,


  • Apply Leave

  • My Leave

  • Entitlements

  • Leave List

  • Leave Calendar

  • Assign Leave

  • Configure

  • Reports


No more complications over leave requests by your team as you implement the system through out the organisation and ask your employees to update and enter in the system their respective leave requests. This will help your team to plan each other’s leaves efficiently and apply considerably.



  • If your organisation operates in more than one country , it is not a wonder that you have to manage your staff located worldwide and adapt accordingly to the various different  leave types per country.


OrangeHRM’s unique HR management software features Leave / Time Off Management module which enables you to create and manage multiple leave types and configure rules related to leave types with company and state policies. These customizable features will all be self configurable so that users can easily switch from manual systems to an automated Leave management system.


Configuring Leaves include


  • Bradford Factor Threshold - The Bradford scoring is an important feature developed in this module. Organizations can define their own threshold as their different for various companies. Risks, costs of Absenteeism can be measured so employers are aware of the trigger point to take action against the damaging amount of leaves taken by an employee.

Leave Entitlements outline the leaves an employee is entitled to , legal based, cultural, regional, and gender based and can be customizable to many more. As an organisation goes global leave entitlements will increase depending on these attributes of the employee and thus a Modern HRIS should be considered when choosing to automate Leave.


Reports will extract the employees leave usage out of the system and create a detailed sheet of the employees leave type, leave period, scheduled and taken days, pending approvals , balance and so on.


Bulk Assigns filters out common group of employees who are eligible or in need of the same leave reason .


Leave Calendar feature provides the employees/ and other user roles the visibility of who is is present in or out of office, and total leaves for the week, month or year.


These are most  of the features Leave Module Presents.


If you are interested in more over other features Leave Module presents click here to explore moreYou can practically understand and experience our Global  Leave Management Module and other HR Features by downloading the Free 30 day trial by clicking here