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Where others turn you down, OrangeHRM helps out.

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OrangeHRM knows that every business is different and built the platform to support those needs. However, for some an HR software might need some customization. Well, instead of other HRIS software, OrangeHRM offers ways to customize it if your organization needs it. 

OrangeHRM has helped businesses with every kind of complexity and at the end made OrangeHRM fit like a glove. From government entities to global software companies, OrangeHRM offers customization at scale. 

What to Expect from Us

Our professional HRMS systems services team works with you throughout the following process to develop the capabilities your business needs:

  1. We receive a description from you of the system changes or product you want to develop.
  2. An estimated price proposal is forwarded to you for approval.
  3. When you are ready to proceed, we forward you details on how to complete your customization purchase.
  4. Upon conclusion of the purchase, the project gets underway.
  5. We work with you to develop the specifications until you are satisfied.
  6. Upon agreement about the final specifications, we begin coding. If no other features are added after the initial quote, the estimated price proposal remains valid.
  7. The balance of your payment is due upon delivery of the customized software.