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5 ways to stop trawling through spreadsheets today and manage Employee information Securely and Efficiently

By Dasni Nov 15, 2019

How Personnel Information Management will make HR easy for you?

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5 ways to stop trawling through spreadsheets today and manage Employee Information Securely and Efficiently

Managing employee files and documents from multiple departments or locations at a single time can be a time eating and exhausting HR task. At OrangeHRM we make the HR simpler so you do not have to trawl through spreadsheets anymore.

1. Simplify and securely manage Employee Information records from wherever you’re in the world. With OrangeHRM you can not only access, update and export information but also manage various employee custom fields simultaneously.  

2. Enjoy Fast and Efficient access to data records that can be customized according to your Organization. Employee Wizards does the magic for you, you just have to add the customized fields you need.

3. OrangeHRM’s Personnel Information Module (PIM) not only assists the smallest startup but also the global multinational in securing and managing employee data. Bulk update in PIM avoids duplication of data updating and empowers you to update a chosen pool of employees to a specific location or the relevant data field at once. 

4. PIM cannot get more exact especially when you can track information that is changed by other user roles such as supervisors or ESS users. along with the date and time

5. As an HR professional enjoy the convenience of Extracting reports painlessly using the Report tool that filters out using the necessary pre-defined criteria.

It’s your call, to take the initiative and decide if you want an HR Solution that makes your job easy! 

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