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HR Tech and Tactics: Where Does Your Company Stand?

By Shaun Bradley Feb 11, 2016

Human resource is an organizational service area being transformed by technology.  Where does your company stand on key issues? The 2015-2016 HR Systems Survey by Sierra-Cedar is in its 18th year of evaluating and reporting on current trends in the HR space.  The latest report delivers benchmarks and offers a view on upcoming enterprise trends. Here are some points from the latest survey:

  • Change is underway.  More than 50 percent of fee-driven HRMS systems are SaaS, and more than 40 percent of respondents state they are planning to develop new HR system strategies in the next year.  Primary among those strategies are processes that involve recruiting and on-boarding.  More companies currently use Cloud solutions for customer relations management (CRM) and sales than other organizational interests.  A “wait and see” attitude is leaving most companies unsure, or with “no plans” to use Cloud solutions in the next 24 months.
  • Higher level tools are transforming HR units into service providers.  While development of service delivery strategies declined slightly last year, there was an increase in the use of self-service and help-desk technologies.
  • Global enterprise continues to consolidate HRM solutions to streamline data collection and coordinate employee management on a regional and international basis.
  • Desire and demand for HR analytics speaks to the need to understand tangible outcomes.  Managers with better access to data sources, metric categories, and analytics obtain higher levels of business and financial performance.
  • Mobile remains hot.  With an increase of 70 percent in the last three years, growth of mobile apps and use of mobile devices on the job-site continues.  The Sierra-Cedar survey found a 90 percent jump in adoption of mobile solutions from last year, with a predicted growth of 65 percent in the coming year.  Just as well-designed ATS modules are now indispensable in the recruiting cycle, mobile devices are now a “standard tool” to increase collaboration, information exchange, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic use of social technology  is also advancing.  Use of enterprise social media tools, along with other collaborative delivery packages increased by 20 percent last year.  Collaborative tools are poised to make inroads in the coming year.
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Sierra-Cedar notes early adopters of HR technology equipped top performing companies to improve their bottom line for the last several years. As HR tech has become ubiquitous, the advantage of early adopters has largely dissolved. Look for collaborative social, and recruiting tools, along with analytics and improved business processes as differentiators for top performing companies in the coming year.