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The Key Advantages of On-site HRM Implementation

By May 21, 2014

Maintaining the smooth operations of company human resource functions is the main goal of any HRM product. But, at the implementation time, your organization may find itself faced with a brief interruption of the current system until a new implementation is completed by your internal Information Technology team. Ask any HR pro and you’ll find that not having access to digital employee records and other HR data is highly undesirable indeed. It’s akin to losing an arm.

A better way to update or install new HRM components

There is an alternative to trying to manage an HRM implementation on your own. This is a service that OrangeHRM offers that can make the process go a lot smoother and with less down time of HR systems. On-site HRM implementation can be requested. This provides an on-site HRM implementation manager who comes directly to your place of business to take care of this vital task.

What are the benefits of using on-site HRM implementation?

There are several advantages of having an on-site HRM implementation manager come to install your new or updated products. Let’s explore what these benefits are and how you can use this service efficiently.

Reduces Time to Implement the New HRM Product

While some of the aspects of an HRM update or installation can be managed remotely, it can take weeks and even months to develop in some cases. If there is a lot of customization or a large amount of data to manage, this can be reduced simply by having an on-site implementation consultant to handle the tasks while at the client site, working directly with key team members to accomplish more in less time. Problems and questions can be ironed out immediately.

Less Distracted Discovery and Design Sessions

During a normal product development phase, there are countless back and forth communications as the client decides how the HRM should look and operate from the administrative end. This can cause a lot of distractions that lead to longer periods of time in between efficient meetings. With on-site implementation, the implementation manager focuses on hammering all of these aspects out with all project members in the room at one time – reducing possible distractions and missed steps.

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Testing and Training Benefits of On-site HRM Implementation

Once the HRM has been installed and synched with existing employee management systems, the work has just begun. Now comes the product testing phase, followed by team training so that all know how to utilize the new product. How much easier this is when there is an on-site HRM implementation consultant present to both test the system and offer hands-on training sessions for all staffers. This takes the worry and guesswork out of using the new HRM so your company can get more out of this investment.

When buying a new HRM, remember to ask about on-site implementation services so that our team can best serve your company.