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Top 14 Insane Inquiries which drives HR Executives Crazy

By Aug 23, 2016

Here's the top 14 things that drive HR executives crazy...

1.  The bathroom is not an appropriate place to ask HR a question about employee benefits.  If you have a question for an HR executive, reach to them at their office.

2.  HR execs are not psychologists.  Reach to them if you have questions related to HR, not to discuss your marital problems or your bad experience in the bus.

3.  You want to move desks because it’s too close to the printer, water cooler, or the bathroom.  There is a reason why people sit where they do and it’s typically controlled by senior management.

4.  Chasing people to do online training modules wouldn't be more irritating for an HR Exec. There’s no excuse for not completing a 15 minute safety training within 2 weeks.

5.   Your company has a strict dress code for warehouse employees but the senior executives constantly enter the warehouse without protective gear as Senior executives thinking the rules don’t apply to them. 

6. Low employee engagement survey turnouts.  The most accurate way to get a reading of the employee engagement is by the survey.

7.  Long resumes.  What possible reason could you have for having a 4 page resume? HR doesn’t need to know about your kids or hobbies.

8.  Coming to a professional interview in casual attire.  How is the recruiter supposed to take you seriously if you’re wearing jeans and yeezys?

9.  Being asked to judge candidates based on things they shouldn’t be judged on.  Things like attractiveness, number of kids, marital status, nationality, etc.  Not only can this be immoral, but illegal as well.

10.  Bringing your family to an interview.  Just no.

11.  HR not being at the executive table.  HR is arguably the most important department in the organization as people are the most important asset an organization has.  You have a CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, CFO, but no CHRO or CPO?

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12.  HR are not maids.  Having HR coordinators serve executive lunches is not an appropriate use of their time.

13. Storing a month’s worth of frozen food in the freezer or leaving food to rot in fridge.  The fridge and freezer are for everybody, you should be refilling it everyday.

14.  Junk resumes.  Some HR execs have reported that over 98% of responses they get from a job board posting is junk.  It’s either candidates from overseas who are looking to be sponsored, unqualified candidates, robots, or recruiting firms.  This issue is become less common as more organizations are starting to use applicant tracking systems or ATS. OrangeHRM offers a revolutionary ATS in its recruitment module that sorts out all the unqualified resumes and only shows you the best candidates for the position. Visit to learn more.