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Why Continuous Performance Management?(CPM)

By Dasni Mar 13, 2019

The Key to Change and growth in your organisation starts with your own employee base. To to expect a constantly moving and innovating environment in your organisation you have to ensure your employees are target , performance and feedback driven.

Continuous Performance Management encourages a direct two way communication base between a superior and subordinate. A Continuous performance appraisal ensures smooth effective connections which sees better results as months progress by. It takes place quite often which could be even daily, weekly , monthly or any more frequently than the traditional annual appraisal.

Regular conversations, one to one conversations minimise incorrect decisions to be taken by your departments employees.  The frequent check up on work by the respective team leader improves transparency and efficiency throughout the organisation. It facilitates real time feedback which is convenient ,thus  time and cost saving . Managers look forward to engage with their employees more as CPM encourages easy and direct communication.

  1. Allow your employees to create their own Individual’s personal goals to be aligned with that of the Organisation’s Goals and to work towards it .These goals which are listed by employees  are short term and is to be made sure that they are what is expected of them to perform. Goals should be SMART - (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound. ) where employees will set goals for themselves and track their progress on these goals .

  2. These should be entered in an HRIS or employee internal system so that manager is able to review these goals in detail and check  employee’s actions towards achieving their listed individual performance goal.

  3. Managers evaluate performance and provide real time feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, & encourages co workers to suggest improvements and ideas.

  4. Managers hold a one to one session with employees, electronically or in person.

  5. Performance Reports generated by CPM tools , to be used as formal Appraisal

  6. Continuous Recognition & Appraisal - If performance is in line with estimated target, incentives & rewards are provided.

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How CPM Process helps an organisation?

  • Consistent feedback encouraged in CPM strengthens the relationship and trusts between upper and lower/middle management staff and creates a more loyal and work driven workforce.

  • Peer to peer feedback improves employee engagement and motivation.. When employees feel their ideas being valued , they feel more engaged in business decisions, business outcomes increase.

  • In traditional appraisal forms, it might take months or even year for period end evaluations to provide rewards and recognition. CPM on the contrary, frequently  praises employees in the event of accomplishment, making them more goal driven and achieve management & Organisational Goals .

  • Management can easily identify the underperforming employees through the continuous appraisal and cut them out to improve workflow efficiency.

However if your organisation has a large number of employees in each department , one to one attention may take hours of discussion of managers work schedules. CPM requires consistent coaching , training  by managers for employees to get hold of the new Performance Management system.

It requires a great deal of  support from the management, their  effort and time to commit to this process , to make employees feel a sense of belonging . They will feel the Company cares for their benefits as much as the work they contribute .  If managers neglect as the process continuous , it will create a negative impact in the Organisation. That being so managers must create time and give full support if they want to conduct CPM efficiently.

As CPM encourages employees in the same department to maximise their efforts, it increases internal competition which will not always be good. If employees turn in against each other, team work, cooperation in departmental or divisional work will be disrupted slowing down organisations smooth running. Top Management must be able to create a balance by providing  sufficient motivating incentives for Line management employees to feel that their efforts are rewarded. In this way they what is expected of them from the organisation and work towards it.

A Performance management process requires a right attitude from both employee and employer and obviously it will not be the case as no organisation is perfect. Employees  should understand the right setting of goals and work morals to do their best in performance and not show poor work ethics like unnecessary arguments leading to failures. Building up each other and teamwork attitude from employees is as important to avoid teamwork disruptions. To encourage such teamwork behaviors managers can consider performance of the whole team in certain projects to create  a stronger and supportive relationship between team members.

CPM effectively implemented considering all possibilities , can create a Unique Competitive Advantage and a sustainable growth  for your business as you achieve your Organisation Goals along with your loyal Employee base.