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Are your teams experiencing a downturn in communication while operating remotely?

By Dasni Apr 8, 2020

How to maintain internal collaboration between departments while commuting remotely?

It’s an ordinary working day at the office and teams are responding to multiple clarifications from other departments. Employees drop into the IT department to request an additional email address for their team or design done for a project. They follow up days after and check on the progress of their request.

IT team currently manages incoming requests from different teams and discusses the priority requests that need to be assigned to responsible personnel. Meanwhile in the HR department, the staff is overcrowded with emails, requests for letters, or calls with no priority level set. This is the scenario in most departments where they are overwhelmed with many requests. 

 It is now March 2020, a  global pandemic forces corporates to operate remotely. The outbreak and spread of High-risk Covid19 mount across the world and so teams are asked to connect from home. How will HR, IT and other departments manage this inefficiency of request management? If these requests continue to go unattended, internal communication may collapse and the company could take a downturn. Companies are already vexing to survive, so it is crucial that companies maintain smooth and efficient internal communications between departments. Operating remotely and coordinating requests from other departments is quite challenging. The good news is that there is no stress when your organization maintains a centralized process to record, organize, prioritize and track all Internal requests. In this way, during the worst of times, the company can operate efficiently.

 The Request Desk Solution developed by OrangeHRM, tracks requests received by a department and assigns them to responsible personnel in order for them to get the required task done in an automated manner. This easy to use solution helps Teams quantify and present the number of tasks or amount of work done by them on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. The OrangeHRM Request Desk Solution records your tasks in an organized manner and enables the requestor to view the progress or status of the request made. With OrangeHRM’s Request Desk Dashboard, departments cannot miss out on any pending requests as it provides a quick snapshot view of the status of requests. OrangeHRM’s Request  Desk solution helps to make internal collaboration between departments reliable and efficient. It is a rewarding experience to the company as well and departments, ensuring your teams do not hold up on other departments’ requests that are critical to organizations’ operations.

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4. PIM cannot get more exact especially when you can track information that is changed by other user roles such as supervisors or ESS users. along with the date and time

5. As an HR professional enjoy the convenience of Extracting reports painlessly using the Report tool that filters out using the necessary pre-defined criteria.

It’s your call, to take the initiative and decide if you want an HR Solution that makes your job easy!