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D2D HRM as opposed to Strategic HRM

By Sitrus S Jul 8, 2019

Human Resources Management(HRM) entails so much more than simple Day to day(D2D) management of an organization’s Human Resources(HR) function. It also involves the strategies and strategic focus used to build the desired corporate culture within an organization and also ensure its sustenance in a competitive environment.

While D2D HRM focuses on present and short term requirements, strategic HRM focuses on consolidation over a long-term. In essence, D2D HRM and Strategic HRM are both two sides of the same coin.     

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Personnel responsible for performing D2D HR functions need to have good  administration and sound interpersonal communications skills. A good Human Resources Information System(HRIS) could be put to great effect to ensure tasks such as recruitment, interviews, on-boarding, time & attendance management, managing Paid Time Off and payroll management is handled efficiently and effectively.  


Strategic HR management personnel on the other hand need to be analytical in their approach, have the ability to think long-term and have an aptitude to forecast and project future human capital requirements of the business. They should focus on the bigger picture of developing employees, to meet future needs of the organization and implement necessary programs and processes to achieve desired outcomes. A good Performance Management Module and Training Module such as that of OrangeHRM can contribute greatly toward ensuring the long term retention of talent and creating a learning culture that will add immense value to any organization in the long run.  

While D2D HRM looks into fulfilling daily operational requirements of its people, Strategic HRM looks at future possibilities and scenarios with a long term perspective. 

In order for an organization to be successful and have an edge over their competition, both these functions need to have the right people: one side possessing the tact and the other vision. This will ensure the successful management, retention and sustainability of an organization’s most valuable asset - its people.