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How do you Know or Measure if your HR is delivering everything in the most effective way possible?

By Sitrus S Sep 26, 2019

Introducing OrangeHRM’s Request Desk Solution

OrangeHRM’s Request Desk Solution, Tracks requests received by an HR Department and assigns them to the responsible personnel to get them done. This solution helps HR Teams quantify and present the number of tasks or amount of work done by them.


  • A centralized system that captures all employee requests submitted to HR Departments
  • Requests can be routed to relevant HR Team Personnel
  • The types of requests received can be segregated into multiple categories for ease of identification.
  • Ease of defining the information needed at the onset to ensure the successful completion of requests.
  • Hassle-free progress tracking for requests submitted.
  • Availability of Reports & Graphs for Analysis
  • E-mail Notifications can be triggered to notify and update stakeholders of the status or progress of requests submitted
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