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Language Packs for OrangeHRM

By OrangeHRM General Nov 28, 2011

OrangeHRM is used by a global community ranging from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe, hence the importance for the system to be multilingual is high. Throughout the years many of our members have helped us create language packs, our previous versions had French, Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Dutch, Indonesian, Azerbaijan, Cambodian, and many other language packs Our latest stable version is OrangeHRM, we would like the community to help us with language packs for this version in order to make OrangeHRM available in your local language and let users in your region or location expand their OrangeHRM experience. As an appreciation of your effort and contribution, OrangeHRM would like to reward you with free add-ons that will enhance your OrangeHRM system. To create language packs for OrangeHRM, follow this User Guide. To contribute language packs, contact Check-out OrangeHRM add-ons.

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