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orangehrm-2.5-upgrader-alpha.2 Released

By Nov 17, 2009

You can download orangehrm-2.5-upgrader-alpha.2 at Source Forge now. Following issues were fixed in this release.

  • Failure of importing data from `hs_hr_time_event` table (Issue occurred when time event comments have single quotes).
  • Failure to run the upgrader on non-standard MySQL port.

Both these issues were pointed out by our community users who tried alpha.1 version out. We thank you all for providing us this great support on improving the upgrader and hope you will try out this release as well. While we greatly appreciate pointing out issues, we also like to hear about successful upgrades. That will let us know how successful our effort is. Please share your upgrade experience in comments area. For reporting bugs, you can use Source Forge bug tracker as mentioned in upgrade instructions.

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